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Re: ND needs to hire a new community manager

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Feb 6, 2013

mario507 wrote:

wais_45 wrote:

mario507 wrote:

GloZorCoMeTh wrote:

Thanks for the input Eric-ND.  You know I am a huge ND fan, and appreciate all your hard work and that of your testing team.  Send them all some Guinness from me!


I for one am only interested in hearing what it is once it is confirmed through testing what can be done.  Testing is an exhaustive process...far more exhausting that what we all go through waiting for the news.  Just play Uncharted as-is until the news breaks, then get back into the addiction!

Horray for rational comments.

So all the legitimate complaining is irrational? 

When is complaining ever rational? I understand the dissatisfaction with the news at this point in time, and I'm disappointed also. But going around with all this "legitimate complaining" is just unprofessional and very immature. Do you think that starting multiple threads will make the process go faster? Do you want them to give us the broken patch now so that people can "legitimately complain" more?

Their track record with the game speaks volumes alone. You act as if ND as given us everything and people are being ungrateful over nothing.

  • The Fortune Hunters Club subscription was practically a scam. Instead of actually giving us new maps they "copy" and "pasted" maps from u2 and just changed day/night effects 
  • They cannot deal with weapon buffs and nerfs properly (certain community members are also at blame for this)
  • The continue to release patch and patch without dealing with the technical issues. I had party splits 7 times last week, but I guess that's ok Mario507? If ND are going to release patches at least fix something. But cashing in on some $$ each patch is all that matters I guess 
  • Communication. The community and its developers have none. That is not good and there needs to be a bridge of communication that would help keep people informed and happy. 

So do you think its not legitimate? Sorry, im not going to pat ND on the back 247 on mistakes and unfinished stuff they should have done a loooong time ago. Im not going to play blind while injustice is occurring. I bought their game. Been loyal to them since 09'. I have devoted my spare time and energy to a game that has a lot of potential, but I (we) keep getting spit in the face by the developers. I scratched their back, and I want mines to be scratched as well. 

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Re: ND needs to hire a new community manager

Feb 6, 2013

Eric-ND wrote:
Everything we put into patch 1.17 - yes 1.17 - has been done with the thought of making the game as enjoyable as possible for newcomers and long time players alike. We have some big changes coming and we've been teasing it for so long because it's been delayed a few times due to technical issues cropping up during the testing process. Thank you for the support and understanding. It's not easy to wait for something fresh but we hope it'll be worth the wait for you. 

Hey guys, 


We all really appreciatae the feedback, but in the future all we ask is that you keep it constructive and respectful. 


As Eric has responded to this issue, the thread will now be locked.



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