Sep 13 2012
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ND I need your help fixing error MP U3

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Good evening.

I want to let you know that I´m very dissaponted with the service that I got. Three days ago I´m having an issue trying to play Uncharted 3 online is giving me an error message: -Error Initializing session manager -Getting Ticket -Sincronizing levels. I have done everything possible the get that fixed and I have spoken with 6 different "customer service specialist from Sony" and nothing hapened yet. I still have the issue trying to play uncharted 3 online while I dont have any issues with my internet access or any other game I play online. I´ve called already 6 times nobody knows what is happening with this error but the worst part is the last person that I spoke with told me "I´m sorry we dont have a solution you have to go to the online forum and check if somebody had the same issue resolved" What kind of people you have working there that is not willing to help, worst thant that what kind of company is sony playstation that cant help their customers with a common issue that is happening not only to one person because there are others complaining about it. You dont even have access to the Naughty Dog company to work together to see if theres something they can help with so that you can provide a great customer experience. It´s been three days.This is so stressful, I have reset my console, I bought my maps in advance to use them online, I went to the online forum,  I even paid to my router company to navigate in my online service only to make sure It wasnt an internal problem with my internet access

I really want somebody to feel the stress that I´m feeling because it feels so powerless when you dont find a solution or when you think about a multimillion company that cant help the customers that keeps the the company growing.
I have been a loyal customer for such a long time and I´m really faithful you can help me to fix this issue.
Waiting for a promptly response with a solution, thx for you help.
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