Apr 24 2010
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Multiplayer is "pitiful"

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  ND, I love the game, I think it's a lot of fun, but the online has had more bugs than any game I have EVER played.  When by myself I have no problems, but trying to get some friends together is the most frustrating expereience I have ever had with a game.  Problem #1, we try to get  a party together and people have trouble connecting, then people can't hear other people's mics.  Ok....with some router tweaking we managed to get that fixed (which we should NOT have to do).  Then the 1.07 update comes.  I read on the forums of people having trouble with it.  So I, being the one who recommended the game to my friends, wait nervously as they update. issues.  *phew*.   Now we buy the siege pack.  4 out of 5 of us buy it.........these 4 can play no problem.  I personally have a minor issue with the game saying I haven't bought the pack when I connect, but everything works ok.  Then the 5th buys it.  Now we can't play because it says not all of us ahve bought the pack.  Even though we certainly have.  THEN the mic issues come back.  Now, not only can we not play the new siege packe, but some of us can't even hear each other on the mics.  This is getting absolutely ridiculous.  I don't know how much longer me, or my friends will continue to be able to tolerate these issues.  If it keeps up I can garauntee you that most, if not all of us will be shelving this game.  PLEASE fix these issues.  You're supposed to be a world class company, yet you are having so many issues that nobody else has.  It's embarassing.  Not only for you, but for me having recommended the game to all of my friends.  PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also, #5 said the game froze on him after installing the pack.  Then when he came back it said he left the game and it docked him .......I think $40k.  BS!  ND you have got to do something about this.  It's tarnishing the great name of Uncharted that the single player built.

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