Apr 30 2012
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Multiplayer Bans

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A limited number of bans have been handed out for players we have investigated for cheating, which we did with help from our community. Because of this response from our community and in order to facilitate a way for members of our community to provide further help, we’ve created a PSN ID - UC3PlayerReport – This is where you can send cinema files of behavior you believe warrants investigation or is otherwise intentionally breaking the experience for other players. Calling out players publicly in these forums or anywhere else won't be helpful to aid us in determining any bans and really doesn’t do the community any good. Please refrain from posting about any players you suspect of cheating in this forum or elsewhere within our community.

All cases submitted will be judged on a case-by-case basis and the terms of the bans will be decided by Naughty Dog collectively after reviewing video feedback from the community.  Again please make sure you don’t post any PSN IDs here as we’re all involved in making the multiplayer experience of Uncharted 3 enjoyable.

Please visit this thread if you'd like to join the discussion about bans:

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