Sep 06 2013
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Looking for people to the co op trophies

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Looking for people who has experience (boosters) or has a mic and speaks english or portuguese to farm the next trophies games:


I Told You I Was Hardcore
- Nepal Warzone
- The Village
- The Sanctuary
Made It
Gold Digger
You Can’t Break Me
- Nepal Warzone
Under Siege


Already done two crushing maps but can also help if I get help ofc. Despite of looking for a boosting and party sistem foruns for trophies, I am having a lot of trouble finding them because I have no one nowdays playing on the regular basis, who can speak english, wants to farm trophies, didnt had done them and having mic to comunicate in game. Its almost impossible but is the only thing remaining and stoping me from going to uncharted 3 and farm those trophies aswell Smiley Tongue


My psn: Shadowking_tp000

My time zone is GMT + 1 lisbon, london time


Hugz from SK000


PS: In the internet basis, for me to have NAT1 and a good connection, I have some settings on my ps3, so I can only have internet on ps3 or in other devices so would be apreciated if I was added instead of turning off my ps3 10 times a day to see if someone interested replied. Just add me and send the message saying co op partner and I will know. Sorry for my english Smiley Tongue

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Re: Looking for people to the co op trophies

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Sep 6, 2013

Saw now that I made this thread on the wrong forum, pls sorry for making this mistake, I cant seem to delete this post so if u can I would apreciate.


Sorry one more time

Hugz from SK000 


Locked thread. Good luck with your request!



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