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Re: London Underground fixes and talk

Nov 2, 2012

iceyfire54312 wrote:

sprinkler18 wrote:

Hmmm strange little community here!


The LU map gets the most votes the majority of the time; coz the O.P believes it's because they want to camp in that little area he illustrated for us, so it obviously appears to be pretty popular among the wider gamut of u3 players out there


Yet here on these forums untold players gives kudos in agreement to do away with it


Dudes when I'm in a match and we find campers plotted up in that area we don't get scared and cry about it, we just pull together as a team and tear them all up, goddamn it I can even clear out a gang of campers on my lonesome with ease,


But I suppose if you can't then its best to go with the easy option and do away with it

When you are playing with 4 randoms with no mics it can be hard to come together as a team.


There is a blatantly obvious issue with the camper corner in this map and it would be in best inertest to get rid of it. It's sad to see 1-2 people every match just camping in the corner. 

yh your point is a valid one, and I know where your coming from dude, but only because the map keeps popping up on a regular basis, so ND should sort out the rotation evenly, but these things need balancing, not getting messed about with to the detriment of others


afaic it adds a bit of interest to sometimes dull matches, sometimes it's a safe haven for noobs (so an easy take-out) and other times its a vantage point for good shooters (so a bit of a challenge)

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Re: London Underground fixes and talk

Oct 29, 2013
WE DID IT!!!!!

Gate added to London Underground tunnel to block off dead end

What a wasteland it's become
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Re: London Underground fixes and talk

Oct 29, 2013


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Re: London Underground fixes and talk

Oct 30, 2013

MacGruber310 wrote:


I love you.

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