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Re: Kicked for team killing

Jun 29, 2013
Sure, just message me when I'm on and I'm on it.
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Re: Kicked for team killing

Jul 1, 2013

TheStuntDouble wrote:
Oh, no, I don't leave rushers to die.

I just don't like moving to open ground to cover someone, but I'll do it if he went that far. Teammates are teammates, no matter how suck they seem, and I never ditch teammates.

You can ask my little brother. No matter how many times he gets into a stupidly bad situation in a game, I still save him.

Guess I just have a bad attitude then ^-^

"You wanna rush into the fight? Fine, go. I'll just take your kill when you die."

I don't mind helping teammates but if they're completely braindead then they aren't teammates, they're a cinderblock tied to your feet in a river. If I see someone close to getting a fury, rage or rampant then I'll personally stand in front of them to protect them from shooters. That's probably me at my nicest. I'll die to let other people get furies or better and I always get a little thank you ^-^


I've even gotten a riot shield and followed a friend and protected him from bullets while he got a 17/0 before some moron T-Bolted my riot shield, broke it and then his teammate RPG'd the two of us.

Bang Bang!

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