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I Need Help for Star

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I neef help to get Co Op star i have done london already and i have star on 2 accounts so i have what it takes but dont have friends to help Smiley Sad
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Re: I Need Help for Star

Mar 30, 2013
And if you want to help, add xsnypzz
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Re: I Need Help for Star

Mar 30, 2013

Why do you make several accounts? It's so ridiciously idiotic and pointless...

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Re: I Need Help for Star

Mar 30, 2013
Quick question: why so many alts?
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Re: I Need Help for Star

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Mar 30, 2013

I like to "goxf" myself at weekends. In fact, it's one of my favourite things in life.


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Re: I Need Help for Star

Mar 30, 2013

Here's a nicely, detailed guide on how to beat each and every level in Co-Op Adventure on Crushing difficulty hand-written (okay, typed) and video'd for you by me and AliMakaveli. Smiley Happy






Hello forumers and fellow Co-Op fanatics - me and my good friend AliMakaveli are proud to present something we are quite proud of: a complete collection of video guides on each chapter in Co-Op Adventure! Each video was made with just the two of us playing through each level and passing them on Crushing difficulty. I am the one you hear speaking and the POV is on AliMakaveli. Without further ado, let's get to the videos:






Part 1:


Pre-First Crate:


  • Once the level begins, split up and snap all 3 enemies necks simultaneously, throw back their grenades and grab a weapon.
  • An Armored Soldier will hop over the log, kill him quickly.
  • There will be other guards scattered around the crate, no worries, kill 'em.


First Crate:


  • Smack the crate TWICE then run back to where the level begins. Kill everyone that comes up to you.
  • Armored Chokers and Armored Soldiers will drop down off of the bridge, be wary.
  • Once everyone is dead, proceed forward to the crate. There will be a RPG Guard and an Armored Soldier up high watching you, be careful.
  • Once you kill the RPG Guard, 2 Guards will drop down with M9s, deal with them. 


Hammer Pit:


  • Upon climbing up the ladder, grab the RPG to take out all the riot shielders blocking your path. Easy Heat Seeker medal.
  • When approaching the bridge with all the enemies on the other side, don't cross, stay on the opposite end and kill anyone that comes near.
  • Enemies will try and flank, watch your six.
  • Stay behind the big rock or beside it when killing the enemies, do NOT drop down into the pit, it's instantaneous death.
  • There are TWO Wes-44's in the M-32 Hammer Boss pit. One is on the far right corner on top of a log; the other is right above it on a ledge in between two trees.


Part 2:


Second Crate:


  • If you are lucky enough to kill the Hammer boss before he jumps up to his perch, the M-32 Hammer is extremely useful in the next part.
  • Don't bash the crate at all, kill EVERYONE then do this.
  • If not, remain at the first little hut you come across. It is the best spot to camp at.
  • Once this wave is dealt with, a Carpet Bomber Kickback Enemy will spawn with another wave of soldiers.
  • Upon killing everyone to be able to bash the crate open, bash it to 3/4 health, then run back to the first hut, kill everyone, then resume bashing.
  • Sniper Guards will spawn up high on opposite ends of the arena, be wary.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on the roof of the hut.
  • There is a Wes-44 in the cave next to the waterfall.
  • There is another TAU-Sniper on the small piece of the boat along the mountainside.
  • There is another TAU-Sniper next to the propane tank on top of a crate.


Hammer Boss/Fighting Pit:


  • When going up the ladder, jump down into the pit to get the enemies to begin spawning, quickly run back to the ladder to pick everyone off.
  • Armored Chokers spawn on the opposite side of the ladder next to the tents.
  • An Armored Soldier with a M-32 Hammer will spawn along with other Armored Soldiers and Guards on the other end of the pit.
  • Stay back near the ladder you climbed up after the checkpoint and deal with the enemies this way.
  • Once all enemies are killed, and you make your way up the side of the waterfall, two Armored Chokers and two Guards will charge towards you. Hang down over the ledge and kill them/pull them down as they come near.
  • There is a Wes-44 on top of the generator in the pit.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of a small cliff. You can access this area by climbing along some handholds on the left side right before you drop down into the pit.
  • There is also another TAU-Sniper next to the tents atop a crate.


Part 3:



Final Two Crates - Part 1:


  • When going through the brush to the final section of the level, stay at the guy's that Nate mentions position. It is ideal until you kill off the remaining enemies.
  • There is a Guard to your right, watch out.
  • Enemies will continue to spawn until the crate is bashed open. So kill off the wave and bash open the crate as much, if not completely, as possible.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer in the jungle opening section nearest to the waterfall.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper in the center of the jungle opening.
  • There is a Wes-44 next to the 3rd crate on the edge of the wooden planking.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper inside the wooden hut atop a crate. 

Final Two Crates - Part 2:


  • Upon bashing open the third crate, Armored RPGers spawn on the two ledges in the back.
  • Head back through the small jungle bit and go up the waterfall and sit at the perch at the beginning you were at. Pick 'em off.
  • Once they're dead, drop down and sweep up the wave of Chokers and Guards and bash that crate open quickly.
  • There will be a Sniper Guard that will spawn on top of the big main hut in the back of the arena.
  • Once you've bashed open the crate 1/4 of the way, another wave of enemies will spawn between the RPG platforms.
  • Once you've bashed open the crate 1/2 of the way, a wave of enemies will spawn from the main hut.
  • Once you've bashed open the crate 3/4 of the way, 2 more Armored RPG Soldiers will spawn.


Final Battle/Draza:


  • Draza is one tough enemy. Use the M-32 Hammer and TAU and Wes-44 to make quick work of him. Along with any Cluster Bombs or Army of Three kickbacks you have.
  • He will spawn with his own set of Guards, Sniper Guards, Militia Man Kickback Enemy, and Armored Soldiers.
  • A quick way to deal with all of these enemies is to blow them all away immediately after the cutscene ends with either the M-32 Hammer or any Cluster Bombs you may have.
  • If you kill off his wave of enemies, another will be sure to follow it because enemies will continue to spawn until you kill Draza.
  • Once Draza is dead, sweep up the rest and you've beaten the level.



London Underground:


Part 1:


C4 Placement/RPG wall destruction:


  • At the beginning, if you all three rush up to these enemies, they will be overwhelmed and easily dealt with.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of the train to the left underneath the big balcony on the wall.
  • After Cutter places the dud C4. Hurry and get that RPG down and blow the door away. Enemies will continue to spawn until you get the wall blown up.
  • Sniper Guards, 2 Chokers, 1 Armored Choker, and an Armored Soldier spawns right off. Kill them and proceed.
  • Sniper Guards and Guards will continue to spawn until the wall is blown up.




  • Throw a grenade to easily deal with the two riot shielders upon entering the library.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer on the back wall on top of a table on the top level of the library in the left corner.
  • There is a MAG-5 on the back wall a top a display case of a hugemongus bat in the right corner.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on the ground floor next to the fireplace on the stone ledge against the pillar.
  • Stay by the giant book when all the enemies spawn, don't split up. Most of the enemies carry Shotguns, so they can easily knock you all down with great ease.
  • When the Carpet Bomber spawns, if you have a Cluster Bomb, take him out quick, he is an enormous bother. If not, use the M-32 Hammer you hopefully picked up.


Part 2:


Tunnel/Cart Pushing:


  • When pushing the cart to the fence. Get someone to get in the back to snipe the enemies that spawn in the back, while one person pushes, and another shooting while riding the cart.
  • If you brought the M-32 Hammer into this section, it is an enormous help to deal with either the PAK-80 Guard or the Armored enemies that spawn as the 2nd round of enemies in the back of the tunnel.
  • Upon hopping the fence, either pick up the PAK-80, if it fell off the train, or stay by the fence taking everyone out.
  • There is M-32 Hammer inside the parked train.
  • There is a MAG-5 on top of one of the vents in the cart pushing tunnel.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of one of the vents in the cart pushing tunnel.
  • There is a MAG-5 behind a small dumpster by the big metal door.
  • It is possible to bring the PAK-80 through the big fence/metal door. If you aim and get as close to the gate as possible and sort of walk up the curved wall and switch to your pistol while aiming, it can fall through the hole.


Stairs & Tunnels:


  • The 1st round of enemies are tough and can easily pin you down. Either use the M-32 Hammer or PAK-80 to take out the guards at the top of the stairs while another person takes out the chokers.
  • The 2nd set of stairs enemies are even tougher. A Carpet Bomber spawns with them. Just take them out slowly one by one while watching out for the chokers that spawn at the big metal door in the back.
  • There is a RPG lying next to the vending machine by the opening of the second set of stairs.


Final Section/Turrets:


  • Upon entering the final section of the level, go IMMEDIATELY right and hop on the turret. It will make this part IMMENSELY easy.
  • A Mega Bomb guy spawns, SPREAD OUT! He will easily eliminate all 3 of you unless you are quick to throw the grenades back.
  • There is a Wes-44 in the corner of the battlefield behind a trash can to the adjacent to the wire door you come through.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of the small circular building in the center of the battlefield.





(in these videos it is NOT me, JD, and thus there are no narration or commentary in the video. I will add footnotes directly from my Co-Op guide: JD--'s Ultimate Co-Op Guide)


Part 1:




  • If you manage to break loose and kill the pirate that speaks to you, you recieve a "Escape Artist" medal.
  • Upon the two doors opening, quickly kill off the two enemies then preceed to the RIGHT and camp here with the G-MALs until the kickback enemies spawn.
  • Once the cutscene is over with the kickback enemy spawns, run back to the STARTING AREA with the poles. It is much easier to shoot these guys as they advance towards you. ***Avoid clusterbombs!***
  • There is a Wes-44 to the right of the door or underneath the Militia Man's spawn point.


The Two Chokers:


  • Two chokers will come towards you, one on either side of you. Split up and just get caught, as long as someone is there to shoot 'em off, you'll be fine.


The Church - Part 1:


  • Upon climbing up the vine, you'll be in the church will 10+ enemies on the ground floor. Pick up the sniper rifles and pick 'em all off. Don't think about jumping across the gaps or climb over to the objectives. It's not worth it.
  • Once you kill everyone, carefully climb over. I recommend the pole swing (left path) as it is not nearly as risky, as long as you stay against the left wall as you jump.
  • Do NOT drop down once unlocking the puzzle. Climb down EACH INDIVIDUAL block until you reach the bottom. Even the slighest drop has a high risk of killing you. Drop when you have no other choice.
  • There are two TAU-Snipers on either side of the window you enter from climbing the vine.


The Church - Part 2:


  • After pulling Nate out of the hole, rush to the sides and advance killing the riot shielders.
  • Stay behind the two pillars and kill everyone as they advance towards you.
  • Chokers will spawn all over, so be on your toes.
  • Snipers will spawn when Nate says: "Keep moving!"
  • The PAK-80 man is a tough enemy, and is coming inevitably. Stock up on M-32 Hammer bullets.
  • He has "warning enemies," 2 or 3 M-32 Hammer guys will spawn and followed by the "Beast."
  • Stay as far away from him as possible, using the M-32 Hammers and M9s and any Dragon-Snipers available.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper behind the bell tower on the right side of the church by the trapdoor.

Part 2: (includes bloopers)


The Statue - Part 1:


  • When Drake gets shot, LEAVE him. Don't touch him until you kill everyone.
  • 3 to 4 snipers will spawn, so check all the windows and perches in the far reaches of the area.
  • Two armored soldiers spawn, one of either side of the big staircase.
  • Now, after everyone is dead, STOCK UP! Get every weapon to that center platform with the statue.
  • There is a PAK-80 to the right of the stairs on a balcony.
  • There is a Wes-44 on a small platform behind the statue platform.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer adjacent to the Wes-44 and statue.
  • There is a RPG to the left of the library behind a fallen pillar.
  • There is a T-Bolt Sniper just above the RPG a top the staircase.
  • There are multiple Dragon-Snipers scattered everywhere, shouldn't be hard to miss.
  • Once you're all stocked and fully loaded, carry Nate down the stairs.


The Statue - Part 2:


  • Two separate waves of enemies will spawn before the rockets.
  • The first wave spawns from the huge open windows or the RPG and T-Bolt Sniper area.
  • The second wave spawns to the right of the big staircase leading from the church.
  • After successfully killing all these enemies, the onslaught begins.
  • Someone must use the PAK-80 to shoot down the RPGers as the spawn.
  • Someone must be using the Dragon-Sniper to kill the Armored RPGers
  • Someone must be using the G-MALs and M9s to kill all the enemies that spawn on the ground.
  • The locations of the RPGers:

On top of the Library

To the left of the Library

To the right of the Library

Above the Dragon-Sniper on the left side of the Library

Behind the Statue Platform on the Right Balcony

Behind the Statue Platform on the Left Balcony


  • A PAK-80 Brute spawns, use the PAK-80 in conjunction with the M-32 Hammer and Dragon-Snipers to quickly take him down.
  • Stay on your toes watching for RPGers. They are CONSTANTLY spawning.
  • At least 4 or 5 Armored RPGers will spawn, watch EVERYWHERE!
  • At the end, if you make it, 3 Armored soldiers to signify the RPGers are over. Kill them and be done with this part.


The Statue - Part 3/Final Part:


  • You made it! You're almost there. THREE kickback enemies will spawn, an Armored RPGer, TWO Riot Shielders, and a Dragon-Sniper.
  • Take out the Snipers and Riot Shielders immediately.
  • Then, hide where the Armored RPGer cannot see you to take out the Kickback enemies.
  • If you still have PAK-80 bullets, M-32 Hammer bullets, or Dragon-Sniper bullets, these will be key in killing them quickly.
  • After killing these 3 amigos, kill the Armored RPGer. Use the M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy's M-32 Hammer to take him out quickly.
  • Congratulations! You did it!




Part 1:


Beginning/Tower descent:


  • Climb down the tower however you want, it doesn't matter how high of a drop it is, you'll survive. But do stay on the inside.
  • There are two riot shielders at the bottom along with 2 other normal guards. Save your grenades for the riot shielders.
  • There is a Mag-5 on the 2nd to top floor. (the floor you drop down into upon dropping into the building. It is behind a small metal fence next to the next set of stairs. 


1st Arena/Cluster Bomber arena - Part 1:


  • Upon entering the door, preceed downstairs to the exit of the tunnel. There are two guards, one armored, one not. Stay at the first exit doorway and take 'em out nice and quick.
  • Rush outside and pick up some AK-47's and G-MAL's and quickly take out all the unarmored guards with ease.
  • There is a sniper tower to the right around a corner. It has a small tree protuding from the side. 2 snipers will spawn inside this tower, so be on the lookout.
  • As you are fighting, an Armored Shotgunner will spawn behind you, he spawns right next to the Mag-5 spawn point, be on the lookout for him.
  • Once the Armored-RPG man spawns (he'll spawn on either of the two big main towers on either side of the big wooden door), run back inside to the big hallway you entered from. One person should be shooting at him until they run out of ammo, and switch based on this. Do NOT group up together, as one nicely placed RPG can kill you all.
  • After this, just clean up the rest of the guards. However, another RPG guy will spawn, but he is unarmored, and not as big of a threat as the Armored one.
  • There is a Mag-5 on the farthest to the right ridge on the top floor of where your main gunfights will take place. It's on the other side of a huge hole in the ground along a wall.
  • There is a RPG next to the top floor of the battlefield (where most of the enemies spawn and are located), it is next to the left, big tower. Behind the farthest embankment along the wall.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper underneath the main battlefield floor, it resides in a big window along the windowsill.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper next to a large gate which is beneath the main battlefield floor, inbetween the main battlfield floor and the RPG spawn location.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer in the very back corner lying on top of some debris. 


1st Arena/Cluster Bomber arena - Part 2:


  • Upon "trying" to lift the big metal gate, enemies will spawn on ALL sides. Armored soldiers will rush in from the left and right. Take them out first, as they are of a high priority and a big annoyance.
  • Riot Shield enemies will drop down from small holes in the wall along the wall on either side of the big metal gate. Along with chokers, so watch carefully as they drop down frequently.
  • A lot of armored guards drop down from the main battlefield floor carrying either: KAL-7's, Sawed-off Shotguns, or SPAS-12's. Stay by the big metal gate to kill all of these with great ease as they rarely come inside the room. 


1st Arena/Cluster Bomber arena - Part 3:


  • Upon killing all of these guys, the Cluster Bomber will spawn with two Armored M9 guards on either side of him. If you left the M-32 Hammer for this bit, it will be IDEAL in taking this sucker down.
  • If not, use the stash of KAL-7's found along the small ledge to blindfire him to death from behind cover inside the small temple/room.
  • Watch out for chokers as they spawn in the back whilist fighting this Kickback enemy.
  • Once he's down, proceed up the newfound handhelds the boss fight has opened up and eliminate the Armored M9er's. They should be fairly easy to either pulldown or pop their helmets off for a sweet melee.


Part 2:


2nd Arena/Swimming - Part 1:


  • After being blasted down into the underground, flooded hallways, swim up the climbable wooden girder. Have two people go through the door on the other side and another climb straight up the well using the handhelds along either side of the well.
  • In unison, if possible, pulldown ALL 3 guards at once to reach the checkpoint as easy as possible.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper located in the small hallway upon exiting the well.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper located in the small hallway upon exiting the well.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper next to the first idol holder, to the left of it.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper lying on a window sill directly across from the 1st idol holder, it's up the main flight of stairs in the room to the left of them.
  • There is a PAK-80 in the room adjacent to the third idol holder along the right door border.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper located outside of the first idol holder atop a small ridge next to a G-MAL.
  • There is a RPG located behind the second idol holder inside a small room.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper next to the second idol holder and RPG spawn on top of the farthest to the left, along the wall, ridge.


2nd Arena/First Idol - Part 2:


  • After the cutscene ends, move up and get the idol out of it's "prison". Do NOT place the idol on the pedastal, as it spawns another wave of enemies. Simply throw it outside, or wherever you want, and kill ALL of the enemies.
  • TWO Mega-Bombers will spawn in the first wave of enemies. Stay as far away as possible from these guards and kill them quickly with the T-BOLT Snipers located around the map. G-MAL's are also great for taking them out quickly.
  • After killing all of the enemies, place the idol, and proceed up the stairs. 


2nd Arena/Second Idol - Part 3:


  • Once the idol is placed, multiple enemies spawn and drop down in front of the second idol holder, do NOT rush in to grab it.
  • Two Armored-M-32 Hammer men spawn and drop down over the wall next to the big wooden door. Kill them quickly and utilize their M-32 Hammer's to kill all of the guards down below guarding the second idol holder.
  • Snipers spawn above the idol holder, be on the look out for them.
  • Chokers also spawn after the guards have been killed.
  • Once you obtain the second idol, guards will spawn above the first idol holder's room.
  • An RPG man will spawn, watch out for him, take him out quickly.
  • Riot shielders will also spawn and drop down into the area with all the idol pedastals. Use the floors above to flank and kill them easily.
  • Two Armored men will also drop down and hang around the ledge outside the first idol holder's room. Quickly pull them down and be done with 'em.
  • Now, place the second idol onto the pedastal. 


2nd Arena/Third Idol - Part 4:


  • Upon placing the second idol, the third will be revealed, as well as a x3 Bomber/Carpet Bomber Kickback Enemy.
  • Stay back, shooting at him, take your time. Because, as well as him, enemies will spawn inside the balcony up above him. You will be instanteously murdered if you try and take him head on.
  • Use all the grenades available along the entrance to this area and kill him quickly.
  • Kill ALL of the enemies before obtaining the idol, as it will spawn another wave of enemies behind you/second idol holder.
  • Once you acquire the idol, throw it out of the way, don't rush for placing it on the pedastal. Kill all of the enemies guarding it.
  • An Armored-RPG spawns next to the first pedastal, avoid him and snipe him out real quick.
  • Kill EVERY enemy before placing it.


Part 3:



2nd Arena/Final Idol/Fourth Idol - Part 5:


  • As soon as you place the idol, run back to the third idol holder's area and camp here.
  • A PAK-80 Brute, M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy, and a Militia Man (Infinite Ammo Man) Kickback Enemy will spawn.
  • Utilize the PAK-80, if it's still there, to take out the two Kickback enemies and use the remaining bullets to damage the PAK-80 Brute.
  • If this weapon is not here, take cover and shoot whenever convienent to knock of their helmets and go in for a quick melee.
  • Use the M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy's M-32 Hammer to take out the PAK-80 Brute.
  • Two Sniper enemies spawn above the first idol holder's room inside a small room and a top a tower next to the room. Be wary.
  • Place the idol and head up the stairs.
  • If you kept the RPG in it's spot, grab it, it will be ideal in a later part.


Tower Climb:


  • There are FOUR TAU-Snipers along the ledges and tables inside the small room.
  • Take this part EXTREMELY SLOW. Do NOT rush, as you WILL die. It will be tempting to rush up there and pull 'em all down, but you WILL die.
  • Grab a TAU-Sniper and dig in behind one of the torch ornaments along the wall.
  • Peek up every once in a while and take out as many enemies as you can.
  • You can still be shot when you're reloading, don't reload until you fully heal.
  • Raffica's and Mag-5's can be found all along these ledges and torch-ornaments. Get them when the time presents itself or if you are out of ammo.
  • When the armored enemies start spawning, aim for the head. If you still have TAU-Sniper Ammo, 2-3 shots to their head will kill them. Aim between the arms and fire away. 


Final Part/Helicopter Fight:


  • Before hitting the checkpoint, stock up on RPG's, you're going to need them. They are all over the roof, you will have no problem getting ammo and full ammo for every team mate.
  • Once the cutscene is over, split up, taking shots at the helicopters. It is mostly luck and a smidge of skill to hit these helicopters as they are constantly moving and swaying.
  • It takes THREE shots to take them down, so choose your moments carefully.
  • Enemies will spawn and drop over the wall in the center, watch out. Chokers and Armored Shotgunners and M9ers will be there, be wary.
  • After shooting down the first helicopter, the second one will start firing missiles onto you. Just keep moving to avoid these pesky things.
  • Once you have taken down both helicopters, clean up the remaining enemies, and finish the level.





Part 1:




  • Three guards will have their back to you. Just shoot 'em down or give 'em a lovely hug from behind.
  • When you move up, a soldier will be on the right while an Armored Guard will drop down over the big road barrier.
  • A little cluster of soldiers armored with Pistoles will spawn and run about once you hop over the road barrier while an Armored G-MALer will shoot down onto you from a high up, overhanging crate.
  • You can easily pull him down.
  • When all these enemies are dead, do NOT go onto the big slanted roof. It is imminent death. Stay hanging behind the overhanging crate and slowly take out enemies that are convienent to do so.
  • Enemies will constantly jump up to be easily pulled down, do so.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of the overhanging crate.
  • There is a RPG with FIVE shots in it on the left side of the large slanted roof down inside a small pit accesbile by ladder.


Rooftop ending/1st Big Arena:


  • Upon reaching the checkpoint, sometimes not said on-screen instead signified by checkpoint music only, guards will spawn across the way a top the two big rooftops.
  • You can either use the G-MALs and Dragon-Snipers provided to pick them off or use a couple bullets from that RPG to blow 'em all sky high.
  • Once these enemies are defeated, the next wave will all spawn on the ground, but will not do so until at least ONE of you hops the ledge and drops down onto the ground level.
  • A Mega-Bomb Kickback Enemy will spawn to the right of the rooftop you fight on, jumping over a wall.
  • Use the PAK-80 found in the center of the arena on top of a bunch of tarp-covered crates.
  • A bunch of Armored Soldiers and guards will spawn in the back by the farthest building with enemies that spawned on top at the beginning.
  • After killing a numerous amount of enemies, one of the Heroes will mention: "Snipers!" Look up, there are a bunch on top of the two buildings constantly spawning.
  • Take cover and pick 'em off as they spawn.
  • There is a PAK-80 in the center of the arena on top of a bunch of tarp-covered crates. 


2nd Big Arena/Three Turrets:


  • Take cover IMMEDIATELY after the cutscene ends, either jumping off the roof into the fray or around the various vents and walls, because three turrets with Armored Soldiers will be pouring bullets onto you.
  • You can use the Dragon-Snipers from the fallen snipers you killed earlier to pick off the turret men.
  • A bunch of Armored Soldiers and guards will spawn down below running about as well.
  • Upon killing TWO of the turret men, the Kickback Enemies will start to spawn behind the farthest to the level Turret Man, hopping over the large crate-like walls.
  • A Militia Man, Carpet Bomber, and M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemies will spawn.
  • Use these turrets to your utmost advantage, they will really turn the tides in this battle.
  • Watch out for chokers running amuck, they're sure to give you a surprise.
  • There are KAL-7 and Dragon-Sniper guards that will spawn on the big rooftop you come from.
  • Some music and the window opening in the garage releasing two guards will signify the ending of the battle.
  • There is a Wes-44 on top of the first set of crates you come across when jumping off the big rooftop.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper lying against the middle Turret Man's crate in the center of the arena; located on the left side of it.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper lying in front of the right-most turret's crate on the ground.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer leaning against some barrels on the right side of the arena in front of the car.
  • There is a RPG behind the left-most turret.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper inside the middle turret's crate on top of a box.
  • There is a Wes-44 lying between all three turrets on top of a barrel next to a Arm-Micro.


Part 2:


3rd Big Arena/RPG Pass:


  • After the cutscene ends, TAKE COVER! THREE RPGers will spawn on the farthest rooftop at the very end of the long stretch of asphault. Two Armored and one unarmored.
  • Armored Chokers and Chokers will spawn for quite a while coming from various spawns located around the battleground, be wary.
  • Two Riot Shielders will spawn in the back where the trucks protrude from during the cutscene once you leave the area.
  • It's best to gather sniper ammo and G-MALs and slowing take these guys down. Don't stand in the open for more than 5 seconds.
  • After killing TWO of the RPGers, more guards will spawn on the left side of the battlefield coming over the roof. Armored Soldiers, KAL-7 guards, and one unarmored RPGer will spawn.
  • Upon killing ALL of these enemies, yet another wave comes in. Two more Armored RPGers and a ton of Riot Shielders at the very end of the battlefield.
  • Keep your distance and do NOT stand out in the open, because if you do, the Riot Shielders will surely get you. If they don't, the RPGers will make quick work of you.
  • Kill all the Riot Shielders first, then focus on the RPGers like you did on the first wave.
  • Take it slow and steady, it isn't a race, take your time.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer with FIVE bullets in the center along the right wall behind a crate, nudged in behind it.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper underneath the 2nd enemy wave's spawn, the small awning in the center, left of the arena.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper close to the RPGers' roof behind a small crate on wheels, next to a bunch of AK-47s and G-MALs.


Final Battle:


  • Well, here it is, the Final Battle, you face off against Lazarevic, Flynn, AND Eddy. All at the same time. Lazarevic has a SPAS-12, Flynn equip with a Dragon-Sniper, and Eddy with a TAU-Sniper.
  • Your best bet is to hide-out and quickly take shots at them when they're either in cover, or unaware of your presence.
  • Once the cutscene is over, run IMMEDIATELY to the LEFT and get behind the large blue crate. It obscures your view from the entire battlefield as well as theirs to you.
  • When Lazarevic comes running up to you, and he surely will, unload of his bald-self. With enough lead pumped into him, he'll surely drop. There are plenty of guns lying around to do so.
  • Once Lazarevic is down, make a quick dash up to the platform to your left, the one with a Dragon-Sniper and TAU-Sniper lying on the crates.
  • Careful, once Lazarevic is down, Dragon-Sniper enemies spawn on either wings of the plane, take 'em out.
  • Once you all are up here, focus on whichever boss is visible at the moment and concentrate all fire on them.
  • Once of them is killed, an Armored Choker and Armored Shotgunner spawn over the same wall that the Mega-Bomb Kickback Enemy spawned, be wary.
  • Stay at this little spot for the remainder of the fight, it is ideal and an easy control point over the whole arena.
  • Once you kill the final boss, time to clean up. Just easily pick off the remaining guards, it will be no problem.
  • If you seem to have killed everyone and the checkpoint isn't picking up, it's probably because that lone Dragon-Sniper enemy is still left up there on the airplane's wing. Get 'em.
  • There is a Wes-44 on top of a crate on the far left of the battlefield next to some water pipes.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of the crates in ideal camping perch mentioned above.
  • There is a T-BOLT Sniper in the far, top-right platform lying on a crate.



Fort (Prelude):


(in these videos it is NOT me, JD, and thus there are no narration or commentary in the video. I will add footnotes directly from my Co-Op guide: JD--'s Ultimate Co-Op Guide)


Part 1:


Beginning/Arena - Part 1:


  • As soon as the cutscene ends, move IMMEDIATELY to the big alcove to your left farthest north. Dig in behind the crates because you are about to be onslaughted by multiple enemies.
  • Armored Soldiers, Riot Shielders, Guards, and Chokers will drop down off of the huge balcony above you, watch your 3 o'clock and 9 o'clocks.
  • After you finish off some of these enemies, Sniper Guards will spawn along all ledges and balconies all around the higher spots of the arena. Pop out periodically to kill 'em off one by one.
  • Try and leave one enemy alive to go around and stock up on various weapons to prepare for the next part of the battle.
  • There is a Wes-44 on top of one of the fallen pillars towards the middle of the battlefield.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper on top of one of the fallen pillars towards the middle of the battlefield. 


Arena - Part 2:


  • After the cutscene ends, kill the Mega Bomb Kickback Enemy as quickly as possible.
  • Be wary, Armored Sniper Soldiers will be guarding this Kickback Enemy.
  • Chokers will also run about, stay on your toes. 


Tunnels/Balcony Run - Part 1:


  • After the cutscene ends, kill the two Armored Chokers quickly and proceed up the stairs.
  • Once atop the stairs, enemies will spawn on the very end of the first hallway: 3 Riot Shielders and an Armored Sniper Soldier. Stay back and shoot at them when visible.
  • Once they are dispatched, move up to the corner and more enemies will spawn on the end of this hallway: Armored Soldier and a couple Riot Shielders. As well as these enemies, a Riot Shielder and an Armored Choker will spawn behind you.
  • Once all enemies are dead, proceed towards the large wooden door to start Part 2. 


Tunnels/Balcony Run - Part 2:


  • The door is blocked/locked and needs to be blown open with an RPG (when doesn't it....). Enemies will pour in from the holes in the ceiling in this hallway.
  • An Armored RPG Soldier spawns at the end of the first hallway with Riot Shielders and Armored Chokers guarding the way.
  • An Armored Soldier will spawn at the RPG Door when you move away from it.
  • Dispatch all enemies before proceeding to the Armored RPG Soldier, and run zig-zag to him and get close avoiding his explosive bullets. Have someone spot you or follow close behind to quickly pick you up if you happen to be downed.
  • You can wait around after killing the Armored RPG Soldier and have more RPG Guards spawn for additional RPG ammo.

Part 2:


Pre-Truck Firefight/Huge Balcony Battle:


  • Once the cutscene is over, just kill the two petrified enemies and proceed up the stairs.
  • Stay behind the fallen pillar to take these enemies out or staying by the door to the stairs.
  • The enemies hop over the wall at the opposite end of the floor, a Militia Man Kickback Enemy and a M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy will spawn alongside the Chokers, Armored Chokers, and Guards.
  • Keep your distance from the Kickback Enemies and fire at them when they are moving - they tend to fire when stationary.
  • Two Armored Sniper Soldiers spawn here as well, one a top the highest tower in the air accessible by a pole swing, and the other across the way on the balcony from the first hallway exit of the tunnels.
  • After all enemies are dealt with, a smart idea would be to gather any and all propane tanks remaining and stockpile them in the stairway up to the huge balcony/floor for the fight against the two trucks.
  • There is a TAU-Sniper in the doorway of the broken building.
  • There is a T-Bolt Sniper lying on a small ledge at the edge of the floor towards the middle. 


Truck Firefight:


  • After the cutscene ends, run IMMEDIATELY into the small hut to your left (of the radio stand/table) and hide in here for quite a bit. It provides immensely useful cover against all of the enemies to come.
  • Enemies will spawn from the stairway, over the wall in front of the doorway you entered your encampment, the tall tower - an Armored RPG Soldier, and enemies across the way along the balconies.
  • Dig in, and take out the Armored RPG Soldier to eliminate a main threat of your hiding hole. Guard the door and shoot down anyone that enters.
  • Once all enemies are dealt with that spawn in front of you at the door, peak out and pick off the enemies across the way along the balconies. An Armored Sniper Soldier is laying in wait for you to kill.
  • Once all is said and done, time to deal with the pesky Trucks. Grab all the propane tanks and chuck 'em down at the trucks. Use any and all grenades available on these things.
  • If you seem to be out of explosives, there is an Armored RPG Soldier that spawns at the farthest left end of the battle down in the main courtyard.
  • Even if this isn't enough explosives, more RPG Guards will spawn in this area as well.


Part 3:


Pre-1st Treasure Puzzle - Part 1:


  • Once through the wooden door, proceed underneath the building into the prison cell/jail type area for maximum cover.
  • To get the enemies to spawn, climb on top of the second pillar.
  • Enemies will pour out of the windows from higher up. Armored Soldiers, Riot Shielders, Chokers, Armored Chokers and Guards. Armored Sniper Soldiers will spawn on two sides of the arena up high.
  • Stay inside the small prison cells and open fire on any enemies that enter the room.
  • Enemies will spawn after a bit from the holes inside the prison cell. A few Chokers and Armored Soldiers. Be wary, and kill them quickly.
  • After all enemies are dealt with on the ground, peek out and take out the Armored Sniper Soldiers one at a time.
  • There is a Wes-44 deep inside the prison cell room in the back next to a Double-Barrell Sawn-off Shottie. 


1st Treasure Puzzle - Part 2:


  • You need two idols to be placed on either side of the door to proceed through. They are marked by indicators to show their locations. One is on a small ruined balcony on the right side of the arena up high, the other is inside the building way up high.
  • To make a future part easier, go up and grab the 1st treasure and throw it down and place in on it's stand, trust me.
  • Make your way up the wall to the huge window to get the 2nd treasure idol. Once you get inside the room, hop back out and hang over the ledge. Pick off the enemies and then proceed up the stairs.
  • As you move up stairs, enemies will funnel out of the room guarding the idol. An Armored Sniper Soldier guards the idol himself. Armored Chokers and Armored Soldiers also are guarding the idol as well.
  • Pick 'em off and carry away the idol. Toss it down and DON'T jump down, a Militia Man Kickback Enemy spawns along with many Riot Shielders down below in the arena on the ground floor.
  • Stay up in the room and slowly pick all the enemies off, there should be enough ammo and guns up there to kill them with ease.
  • Jump down after killing them and place the idol to proceed through the wooden door.


Part 4:


Pre-2nd Treasure Puzzle - Part 1:


  • Upon entering the 2nd Treasure Puzzle arena, you will be greeted by a Turret Man, Armored Soldiers, Sniper Guards, and Guards - lovely. Dig in to the left and pick off any enemies visible.
  • Once you run out of ammo or just get bored, make a dash up the stairs and dig in behind the tree. Try and quickly push your way to take out the Turret Man. Also be wary of the Sniper Guards that spawn all around in high up places.
  • Move quickly behind the huge tower that houses both treasures, it provides the best cover in the battlefield. Take out every enemy before moving any treasures.
  • Watch the building from where you get the 2nd idol because Sniper Guards and Armored RPG Soldiers will spawn here. Pick 'em off, quick. 


2nd Treasure Puzzle - Part 2:


  • Once they are dealth with, take the 1st idol out from the base of the tower and toss it out. Then, climb half way up the tower and drop down because another wave of enemies spawn.
  • They'll spawn over the wall to the right of the wall so be wary.
  • Another wave of Sniper Guards will spawn on top of the building of the 1st idol Puzzle.
  • Once all enemies are dealt with, make your way up the tower. An Armored Soldier will be waiting for you, pull him down, grab the treasure, toss it, and leap from the tower.
  • Upon doing this, a M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy along with a few other enemies will spawn. Hop on the turret with whatever bullets it has left and dispatch all these loose ends enemies.
  • Place the idols and proceed into Hell.
  • There is a T-Bolt Sniper inside the small room near the entrance into this arena, to the left of the 1st wooden door.


Part 5:


Final Arena/Djinn Battle/Hell - Part 1:


  • This is it, the hardest arena, next to the Monastery Statue bit. You have to fight wave after wave of Djinn/Shade Soldiers.
  • Stay in the room you view the cutscene in, it is the BEST room to fight these demons from.
  • They will constantly teleport about and will be moving consistently.
  • Guards, Armored Soldiers, Armored Sniper Soldiers, and a few Fire-RPG-Grenade Guards litter the battlefield.
  • Shoot them as much and as frequently as possible. Once they turn blue, that indicates they are damaged, so keep it up.
  • Aim for the head, it's the weakest spot, especially for the Armored Soldiers.



Final Arena/Djinn Battle/Hell - Part 2:


  • Once the first wave is dealt with, THREE Kickback Enemies will spawn: Djinn Carpet Bomber Kickback Enemy, Djinn Militia Man Kickback Enemy, and a Djinn M-32 Hammer Kickback Enemy.
  • Stay in the room and if they flood the room, just bail out looking for any weapon to fire at them. Snipers are EXTREMELY useful, scrouge any you can find.
  • Stay on the move and don't get pinned down by these guys.
  • There probably is a Guard hanging around the back pillar shooting grenades at you, kill him, he'll be a bother.
  • There is a T-Bolt Sniper on top of a small, fallen pillar on the raised platform towards the middle of the arena.
  • There is a Wes-44 on the small platform by the broken crates along the farthest back wall of the arena.
  • There is another Wes-44 I believe near the center of the arena.
  • There is a M-32 Hammer on the back platform the Djinn Grenadier is residing on.


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