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Re: How we could better cover so that is more important to multiplayer.

Feb 3, 2014

wycliff_12 wrote:

Steven1379 wrote:

they should make the run into cover animation(press O not that near cover to run fast into cover) unshootable

many times bullets get magnetic to me just because i started this animation compared to just running behind the wall for cover

if the animation makes me move faster than just running into the wall for cover why do i get a higher chance to die from the cover animation that from just running?


this is the most hated thing from cover i find.


in launch the running into cover animation and the change cover animations where unshootable

if you did it no bullets could hit you

now if you do it more bullets cling to you even when the person aiming has horrible aim

because it goes magnetics while animating and atracts all bullets


i hate it cause i love the uncharted running and changing into cover animations, they look cool and different based on the weapon u hold and the cover type, and the moves are actually usefull for faster map traversing and combat escaping(unless im/ur being shoot at, for like i said bullets get atracted more by this animation so they should be used when you know u r not in someones sigth


the prob is i love them so much i still do it when i know i should and die





You mean slide into cover like the Beta?



watch video starting at 2:30.

not the animation specifically(i had forgot about that one)

i mean the effcts it used to have

starting any type of into cover animation made you unshootable until it was done

nowadays starting any into cover animation raises bullet atraction on youself compared to just running behind the cover


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