Nov 18 2013
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How to Save Your Options (an informal guide)

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We all know (or will find out the hard way) Uncharted 3 has a rather annoying problem in that getting it to save our Options, namely important things like Hints, Camera Sensitivity and whatnot, is a big hassle; there's no clear way to get the game to remember them for the next time we boot the game up, and for Multiplayer in particular, the game usually forgets everything.  Here's the only way I know of to force UC3 to save your choices.



  1. (optional) Change some options at either the main menu or a Multiplayer lobby menu (or both if needed).
  2. Go into a Multiplayer mode (if you aren't in one already) and start a match, preferably a Custom Game by yourself if you don't plan on actually playing a match right now/you want to be absolutely sure this works.
    For disc players (without Online Passes): You can pick Multiplayer at the main menu and select LAN Party to execute this trick without going online (and coughing up $10 USD).
  3. Pause the game, go to Options, and fiddle with two options in different menus (if they're in the same menu, the trick may not work!).  The options themselves have to operate in different ways:

    • One option must not use a meter, i.e. Format under Audio, Alternate Aim Settings under Camera (Campaign-only), or Uncharted TV under Display (MP modes only).
    • One option must use a meter, i.e. Brightness under Display, Sensitivity under Camera, or Voice (TV) under Audio (MP modes only).
    Neither option has to remain changed for this step, just tinkering with them is enough.  For example, you can turn Subtitles on, then immediately back off (assuming you want to), then change Brightness by a tick and put it right back if you like.  This will work fine for the trick even if you ultimately appeared to do nothing.
  4. Die and respawn.  Suicide via grenade or falling is fine.
  5. Quit or finish the match.
  6. (optional) Quit and restart the game to see if your changes were saved.
  7. (optional) Celebrate; you don't have to see the prompt for dropping grenades every stinking time you roll in a match anymore! Smiley Very Happy


  • All options, both Campaign and Multiplayer (unless noted below), are saved via this method. No Campaign-only method is necessary to save SP-only options.
  • There are two options that can't be altered by this method:
    • Difficulty: This is auto-saved during the Campaign, but otherwise cannot be permanently altered.  Makes sense, since it only affects the Campaign anyhow.
    • Voice (TV): This can never be saved, apparently by design; the same option appears in Uncharted 2 MP and can't be saved in that game either.  If you don't already know, it affects the mic audio of other players.
  • Variations of the trick will work: if you only want to turn Hints off in MP for example, go online, get into a match, turn Hints off, fiddle with any other option that uses a meter (putting it right back if you want), then make sure to die and respawn before the match ends/you (rage)quit.  Hints should stay off from now on.
  • This was only tested using Team Deathmatch, but should work with any competitive mode.  I make no guarantees for Co-op, but I'd be surprised if the trick failed in any of those modes.


  • Find a Campaign variation of the trick for those with the digital version that have lost or will lose access to PSN, as this odd duck is the only one that (eventually) won't be able to access a multiplayer mode at all.  The auto-save when accessing the Pause menu only saves Difficulty, so I'm guessing a checkpoint needs to be crossed for everything else to be recorded.  Death + respawn didn't work when I grenaded myself.


  1. Change your options.
  2. Start a multiplayer match.
  3. Pause the game.
  4. Turn Subtitles on/off and back again.
  5. Change Brightness by a tick and back again.
  6. Die and respawn.
  7. Quit or finish the match.
  8. Restart the game to make sure everything saved.
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Re: How to Save Your Options (an informal guide)

Nov 18, 2013
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