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Re: How I deal with power weapon "hogs" ;)

Oct 5, 2012

Zylinderknopf wrote:

JD-- wrote:

Zylinderknopf wrote:

JD-- wrote:

Zylinderknopf wrote:

Why is it bad to use power weapons? If I do not take the power weapons the enemies might get them.

I always go for powerweapons.

Never said that.


I don't like the "hogs." Those people that use that gun/weapon ONLY and never kill anyone other than with it. I don't mind the occasional pick up and kill a few and don't touch again - but if you solely rely on using that one weapon alone, I have a problem with that.

Oh, I am of those power weapon "hogs". I use Power Hunter on maps where the SAS spawns.

Well, I do kill people with my M9, but whenever I see a power weapon I go for it.

Mmmm. Smiley Indifferent


My main concern for you is why you use Power Hunter when you know the locations of all the power weapons. If you know the locations, just use Bargain or Explosive Shell Expert or Daredevil, something useful, y'know?

I know where the power weapons spawn, but I do not know when. Furthermore it is useful when teammates or enemies die and drop their power weapons. One of my loadouts has Explosive Shell Expert and Power Hunter (Explosive Shell Expert is a 1st-slot-booster). But I prefer Cloaked.

Oh okay, good move/plan. I don't know which booster slot each booster is located in. I use Cloaked as well, Cloaked and Daredevil and those are the only two boosters I use.

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