Sep 04 2012
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Gold tier awards gone!

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Hello, I have just reached legacy 3 and had all my gold tier tournament earnings. My friends told me that once you legacy you keep your tournament awards. I then proceeded to legacy to the third. Once I did I lost all my gold tier awards and have no saved progress of the past tournament places or awards. That means I lost my shade gear, masks, and golden weapons. I would love an explanation for this and would love to hear from all of you. I would like to know if this is just a game glitch, it is normal, and if multiple people are having the same issue. Please I need all the answers I can get. And if it is just my problem I would like my earnings back without going through the gold tier horrible adventure again.


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Re: Gold tier awards gone!

Sep 5, 2012

Tournaments only last a week, and when a new one starts you lose golden weapons & Shade stuff. No bugs here- just bad timing.


Don't worry- you can always re-earn the Gold tier with the 10 free tickets, and then you'll get the items back.

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Re: Gold tier awards gone!

Sep 15, 2012

hey man we are responding to the lose of your gold tournament rewards. we suffered the same fate. so this means that when a new tournament starts we lose all that we earned and really paid for! this is bull **bleep**! really am i understanding this **bleep** right. i pay all this **bleep** money for these tickets to play and earn what i fought for too include the cheaters i have to deal with and then i lose my **bleep**. this is bull **bleep** once again. we need a boycott or they fix this **bleep**. it is not fair that when a tourny ends that you lose what you fought so hard to get.


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