Mar 07 2013
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Freezing and crashing like crazy...

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So I have already done the delete game data utility and reboot in safe mode deal, but it is not fixing the issue. Already tried it 5 times, and all 5 times accessing multiplayer makes my system go all crazy.

1st time i accessed multiplayer, but no images would load. No badge, none of my friends images would appear in the friends list, and even pictures of maps wouldnt load. I attempted to play a game, but it froze with ust a black screen that said "joining game in progress in 1.... I could press the PS button and quit the game, which ust turned my PS3 off. 

I did the delete game data utility method that has worked in the past (this game corrupts and freezes every other month or so) and tried again. Re-downloaded my online pass and accessed multiplayer. Tried to start a game and the game just froze, so I quit, and did the same method again. Each time I got the data is corrupted message.


3rd time I accessed multiplayer, but hadnt redownloaded my online pass yet. Everything worked and went by quick until I got to the "redeem online code" point. I could see my character moving in the background. I selected "leave multiplayer" in order to quit and re-download my online pass. Upon selecting "leave multiplayer" my system froze. The PS button would not work, so I pressed the power button. It has been about 10 minutes now and I still have that green blinking light. My PS3 can't even turn off now. Anyone else having issues with MP?

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Re: Freezing and crashing like crazy...

Mar 10, 2013

I have the same problem, any help?

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