Apr 02 2013
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Free to Play and Uncharted TV

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Hi, i've just downloaded the free to play multiplayer from the PSN, because I wanted to play without using my U3 disc.
It appears to work fine: I've played a TDM in sanctuary, an my levels, stats, dlcs, etc are ok.


The problem is that when I select Find Game, the Uncharted TV pops up (full screen!) and there is no way to make it disappear.

I can't do anything, just wait for the match to start.

I checked the options, Uncharted TV is currently disabled.
I tried to enable and disable it again, the song remains the same. (Yeah! ). I always get a full screen uncharted tv.

The only way to make it disappear is to leave multiplayer. Very annoying.


Is it a known issue? Am i missing something?

Thanks, ciao!

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