Apr 11 2012
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Frame & Sound skipping/stuttering

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Well let me say this first: My ps3 has yellow-lighted 3 times...yes....3!  Got it repaired 3 times.  It's a limited edition model from japan and there is no way sony would give it back, so nope; im sticking with my Cloud Black PS3 until it dies.......and I think Uncharted 3 will be its murderer lol.  The games sends my fan into overdrive so I have a fan close to the system to keep it cool.  Back in the day, when UC2 was my go-to multiplayer game, I experienced a bad loading glitch that basically wouldn't allow me to play.  The menu music would skip and stutter, I couldn't load any save because the dagger would spin constanly.  So I uninstalled then reinstalled the system data for the game, which in turn meant I had to install all the multipayer dlc again as well.  Worked perfect again after that.  The main thing I remeber before it happened was that I hadn't played the game for a while.  Like 2 months.  Strange, yes.  But, whatever...I fixed it.  So when the UC3 DLC came out for Flashback Maps #2 and around the same time as patch 1.07 it happened with UC3.  Same symptoms.  Long loads, ps3 lockups, sound stuttering etc.  Relying on the past I went off experience and un/reinstalled everything....and yeah I'm a FHC member so you know that took a minute lol.  Anyway, after all that I hopped back on multiplayer and got on fine.  Played a couple matches and hopped off.  Later, i played one night and my fan amped up extra high pitched and my PS3 was warning me that the system was about to overheat (though I felt the console and it was cool) so after that match I turned it off.  Didn't play again until the latest DLC (Drake's Deception Map Pack) came out...yeah I know, busy life smh.  So I hop online after downloading everything and the first thing I notice is that my character was choppy while ono the MP menu screen.I didn't think it was lag because UC3 TV was running smoothly.  I noticed that with each stutter a texture would load albiet slowly.  Once all textures for the backrground loaded everything ran smoothly again, including the menu music.  I dug into to the menus and noticed that some previous DLC I had before the reinstalling was still missing (Thank you Subway and Gamestop smh lol) so I backed out and downloaded that again then hopped back online.  The hiccups still remained but in the menu it was bearable, though it was pretty bad when I was loading my first match (had to wait for each party memmers charater to render before it allowed me to join the game in progress).  But even in game i heard and saw some stuttering.hiccups.  My screen would freeze or my music would stutter.  I really noticed it when a power-play started and my music dropped out completey for like 20 seconds.  It's annoying to say the least....bearable to a degree since the airplane like fan in my ps3 is always blaring each match (yeah time for a slim soon...ugh).   I turned off UC3 TV to see if that would help but it didn't change a thing.  So honestly don't think it has to with laggy internet.  I think it's more on the rendering of the game assets and whatnot.  I guess the main thing I'm wondering is if all this is just me and my FAT old PS3 or if others experience this too and if so if they do on just FAT PS3's or slim's too....regardless the new maps are amazing and it was blast to finally have some time back online semi-properly.  Maybe I'm just cheap and need to get a new PS3 sooner than later I suppose but it still kida sucks...if there is anything I can do on my end please let me know.  Or if you know my exerience let me know as well so I'll find some comfort in knowing I'm not the only one suffering smh lol.  Thanks in advance...preciate the hardwork ND....been with UC3 since the beta and I always appreciated how fast you patched that up so you have earned my respect in that area.



-Menu music stutters

-MP menu background(s) lag and render slowly and the characters do the samething.

-Freezes in-game online

-MP music stutters

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