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Re: Finally done with the MP! :D Also, final words for ND..

Jul 24, 2013

xxBLiTZKREIGxx wrote:
Trophies? There are trophies? And here I was trying to kill my opponents and get the win. How stupid I was. I could have "grinded" for a year+ smh

Haha, funny how both situations can be considered no-life, as in, just as bad as each other...


Some people grind a year for trophies (they are not doing it right), and other people play Uncharted 3 for a year increasing stats etc..


I choose not to choose and wait for Uncharted 4 to be here whatever trophies it will have.. I know they can't sink any lower than Uncharted 3, and that it is so easy to design best multiplayer possible with the knowledge they have gathered over passed two games.


And hey, maybe the singleplayer will be on par with Uncharted 2 again too, The Hobbit movies are done with filming, so our beloved villain Lazarevic, and Cutter won't be taking off anymore to work on those movies... 

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