Dec 17 2012
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Exclamation Marks Not Disappearing

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I only found one other thread about this issue, but it went unnoticed/nobody replied, so I thought I'd add a second voice who's got this problem:


Essentially I have gold exclamation marks next to every single item under "Profile" and they will not go away no matter how much tinkering I do throughout the menu and submenus. This problem started back with that patch that made it possible for people to buy items that previously had to be earned through treasures/leveling; in the beginning it was only on one or two items, but now it's on everything. It's really annoying because anytime I actually earn new things when playing the game, I have to remember what they were/where they are because the exclamation marks are of no service when they're on everything.  


I would love for this issue to be fixed. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy and insist this is a game-side issue and not on the user-end, however, if there is some workaround that I'm missing that you think might help, I'm all ears.




- D
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