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DLC Trophy Guide

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                                                                     DLC Trophy Guide

                                            Part 1 - Co-op



Intro: i have decided to help everyone who might be having some difficulty getting back their 100% in uncharted 3 or just simply want to add some more trophies to their collection, there might be some Co-op Crushing walkthroughs out there but i have isolated the parts to their respective medal and brought them all to one place, so as a community lets contribute a few tips here and there (see bottom of post) to help each other get some trophies Smiley Happy


Here's a List of all the Trophies in the Game, you can log in on this site to see which trophies who have earned:  

------------------------------------> <--------------------------------------



Note: that if you earn a trophy on crushing then it's hard counterpart will also unlock, but beating it on hard will give you some practice for the crushing difficulty (if your not too confident on heading straight to crushing)


Note:  trophies that require no loses of lifes only need you as an individual not to die, it does not require no loses of lifes from all teammates. Example: if your buddy has 1 death at the end of the match and you have 0 deaths, then you will earn the trophy your buddy will not...



------ = Challenging


------ = Can be Easy or Hard, depending on how good you are


------ = Easy




                                ** Curator on Crushing ** 


2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Description of Medal: on Monastery do not let any rpgs hit the statue


Trophy Notes: getting it on crushing will also unlock the hard trophy (if there is one)


Trophies It'll Achieve:   

  • Overseer: get the Curator Medal on Crushing - Silver

  • Statuesque: get the Curator Medal on Hard - Bronze


Walkthrough: just constantly monitor the rpg spawns, use the dragon (save the dragon for this part don't use it on the armoured enemies before the rpg spawns) and the wes to take out the regular rpgs quickly (usually 1 shot each (dragon will occasionally take 2 shots)), then use the dragon and the pak (not the brute's pak, the one that spawns in the top right hand corner) to take out the armoured rpgs (usually 2-3 show up)


when the brute appears the rpgs will temporally stop spawning giving you time to kill the brute with the pak you picked up and allowing for someone else to pick up his pak and return to the center before they start to spawn again (make sure you kill all the rpgs before you start on the brute)


so then you have 2 paks and a dragon, one pak should kill the armoured shotguns and grabbers that come into the center while the other pak and the dragon remain on the rpg spawns, and army of three will help greatly with the armoured rpgs (gold kickback endurance if you have it (45 seconds i think))... normally rpgs will miss their first shot as to tell you where they are then continue to hit the statue on every shot that follows, but some will hit on the first shot, so make sure you are constantly watching each spawn point (sometimes they will shoot on the way to there spot (so watch out for the regular rpgs (they are pretty easy to spot))


there are 4 spots in front of you, 2 behind and 1 in the top left side of the map (looking at the spot where the 3 bosses appear at the end of the level)


Note From Eternal21 That I Forgot to Mention: you can also kill an armoured RPG in 2 shots with the hammer that spawns to the left of the statue or you can bring the 12 shots from the church (armoured hammer before you find drake, and from 2 regular enemies just before the brute spawns in the church (all 3 drop 4 shots) (but i think you can only carry 8 at a time)





                              ** Unyielding on Crushing ** 


2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Description of Medal: on London Underground Co-op Adventure push the cart up to the fence without stopping


Trophy Notes: getting it on crushing will also unlock the hard trophy


Trophies It'll Achieve:

  • Unstoppable: get the unyielding medal on crushing - Silver

  • I'm on a Roll: get the unyielding medal on hard - Bronze


Positions: MVP pushes the cart (always), person #2 focusing on the enemies in front (always), person #3 focusing on the 2 enemy spawns behind the cart (when they are dead help person #2 with the shotgunners in front)


How to Pick the MVP: since the person who is pushing the cart can't shoot, don't give him/her any power weapons since it'll be wasted, have the best shooter up front with a g-mal, and the 2nd best with the hammer and the mag out back, leave the 3rd best to push the cart (don't worry i was the one pushing the cart Smiley Happy )


Walkthrough: take out the sniper and the 2 other enemies behind the fence before you start pushing the cart (as they don't respawn) so the person looking at the front will only have to focus on the armoured shotguns, have someone pick up the hammer and the mag from the library to use the hammer on the enemies that spawn behind the cart when you move the cart up a few feet


there will always be 2 armoured shotguns enemies spawning at the fence and walking up to the cart so, don't wait for them to stop spawning, they only stop when you push the cart to the fence, have one person always looking at the front to kill the 2 armoured shotguns, there are 2 power weapons (Mag and the Tau i think) on the boxes on the left side of the cart, jump up from the cart to get up there. once the person kills the enemies (and picks up the other hammer) at the back help the other person with the enemies out front (with their Mag) (run to the cart so the pak enemy doesn't kill you)  but keep an eye on the back as there will be one more spawn as you continue to push the cart (use the additional hammer shots up picked up from the first wave and kill them with it), never shoot the enemy with the pak until you receive the medal/trophy, use the cart as cover from him, shoot the armoured shotguns from the ground on the left side to avoid his shots, once the 2nd spawned enemies (from behind you) are dead both players focus on the armoured shotguns until the cart reaches the fence


Note: that once the MVP starts to push the cart forward he/she must never let go of the triangle button or you will not get the medal / trophy, and once again ignore the enemy with the pak as killing him will allow the shotguns to come too close to your MVP, if a shotgun comes beside the MVP jump in front of them and force them to melee you, it will do less damage than a shot from their shotgun and will take their attention away from the MVP, if you melee kill the shotgunners beside the cart make sure you throw the grenades out of the way of the MVP, if you protect your MVP you should get this trophy easily, we took 3 tries to get this strategy down pat, so just keep at it


MVP's Job: push the cart continuously, and watch out for the shotgunners, call out to the other players to get in there way to take their attention off you (by using a mic if you can)


Helpful Tip: if you have Army of Three than use it on the shotgunners if you have kickback endurance you should be able to have it for most or all of the time that the MVP is pushing the cart, making it very easy to kill them an get this trophy



Tip From Gabriel72430: use team protector as the MVP or by staying close to the MVP

Tip From Matthijs_17: when you are pushing the cart, and you accidently go down, you don't have to restart just yet ... do the following: keep holding triangle! (because the cart will still continue to travel forward), and tell your buddies not to revive you fully, only partly (so you don't die completely and if you are revived the cart will stop) this way you can still push the cart to the end without stopping






      ** Kill Flynn, Eddy and Lazarevic in Less Than 20 Seconds ** 


2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Trophies It'll Achieve

  • Triumvirate - Kill the three end bosses in Chapter 5 (Harry Flynn, Eddy Raja, Zoran Lazarevic) within 20 seconds of each other on Crushing - Silver

  • All Together Now - Kill the three end bosses in Chapter 5 (Harry Flynn, Eddy Raja, Zoran Lazarevic) within 20 seconds of each other on Hard - Bronze


Kickbacks: 2 people with cluster (TEAM SAFE), one person with Army of Three (kickback endurance gold if possible, but not needed since the trophy calls for under 20 seconds)


Note: that on Crushing you cannot see the bosses since sniper and shotgun aren't considered bosses on crushing, so you will have to be careful in spotting them out (use cover since Eddy and Flynn have really good shots)


Where to go: as soon as the cutscene appears with the 3 bosses entering immediately head left into the corner where the Mega bomber spawned earlier in the level, stay in the corner and close to your buddies so you can revive them if they get sniped, if you stand along the back wall (looking at the plane in the background) Lazarevic will rarely come back there as he will run around the crate with the 2 open ends


Where the bosses go:

  • FLYNN will initially head to the top right of the map where the T-bolt spawns and will gradually head towards the block where the Pak-80 spawned during the Mega Bomb Spawn earlier in the level then will run around the outer rim of the large crate with 2 openings, he moves because you are behind the crate (so he can't see you)

  • EDDYwill head to the top left of the map where you drop down earlier in the game, on the building with 2 covers in front of you if you are in the right spot, he will eventually start to head to the previous Pak-80 spawn like Flynn and will occasionally take the same path as Flynn, but he might go into cover hugging the left most wall on the ground or head back up to his original spot 

  • LAZAREVIC is the least of your worries, even though he rushes you without an SAS, since Flynn and Eddy have dead accuracy and they can shoot from longer range, Lazarevic will constantly try to go into cover and he seems to have the lowest health, kill his bodyguard that accompanies him


If You Wish To Farm After Unlocking This Trophy: this will help you get Marco Polo if you want him,don't worry about reaching the checkpoint, just kill every other enemy you see before going after the 3 bosses to make it easier, since there is a sniper on both plane wings (one cannot see you and you cannot see him if you stay in the spot listed above) so you won't be able to reach the checkpoint without killing him, leave the enemies if they are too far away from you, that would be pointless to kill them, just focus on the enemies close to you


Walkthrough: wait for them to come close to each other, Flynn and Eddy will almost always come right beside each other eventually, kill every other enemy around them (with precision shots lol (no grenades unless they are far enough away from the bosses) focus on killing Eddy and Flynn first if you can since they will couple up sometimes (with a cluster (you might need 2 just in case) (make sure Army of Three is on so you can kill them faster) ) while shooting them too to make sure there are dead, then everyone will shoot at Lazarevic (Army of Three will still be on) if you do this fast enough the trophy should pop


Note: the timer starts when the First boss dies and ends when the 3rd boss dies, it does not mean 20 seconds after the cutscene starts so it gives you time to set up, using Army of Three and Clusters well greatly help your success, if you fail on your first time (so you no longer have Army of Three or clusters) just restart or continue to kill yourself so you keep the money or just finish the level Smiley Happy the Pak-80 does not spawn here again as it did in the Mega Bomb Battle earlier and to go after the T-bolt will be a suicide mission since that is where Flynn goes and his dragon and Eddy's Tau will easily down you, if you can pick up a dragon from earlier on in this level, and i'd advise using and AK, M9, or a G-Mal instead of a t-bolt (it isn't really all the useful in co-op, as other weapons can kill someone faster) but if you can manage to bring a hammer or an rpg from the previous section too that would be fine, since there are weapon spawns in the corner


Walkthrough From TechMemphis: use 4 clusters (2 for each enemy) (Eddy and Lavarevic will be affected by the same Clusters) as soon as the cutscene is over, throw two clusters at the fence where the bosses spawn to kill Eddy and Lavarevic, then go chase down Flynn in the top right-hand corner where the T-bolt spawns (you can stack clusters, so everyone has at least 2 clusters available, no explosive expert needed)


to stack clusters activate your cluster kickback and don't use it (it replaces you normal grenade, so you can't use grenades until you throw your cluster, so try to avoid relying on grenades when you are stacking clusters). By putting the cluster in your grenade slot, you can now achieve 8 more medals to achieve another cluster (don't activate it again until you use your first one or you will lose it, if you don't have any more grenade slots)


Walkthrough From Hielke6991 (i used this method to get the trophy and i think it's the easiest way)I did this without cluster bomb, For the tactic I used, you only need 1 person with army of three. There are 4 corners in the map since its a square, Use only the left corner (left from where you spawn (where the Wes is)) and the right corner from where you spawn behind the metal platform.


Go to one of these sides and endure for as long as possible. And pay attention when damaging them, If you shot a clip in Eddy than shoot a clip in Lazarevic and Flynn after that. If all 3 players make sure they don't damage one a lot more than the others this works pretty well. Also take out the other soldiers, They spawn infinitely but kill them to keep them at a distance. Switch corner when there are too many enemies in the corner where you are at the moment. After 5-10 minutes one of the bosses should die, If he does than the other 2 are about to die too. quickly activate Army of Three and shoot the Wes and M9's at the other 2. 





                             ** Get 3 "Hang in There" Medals **  

2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Description of the Medal: Solve the Key Puzzle on Monastery with an enemy still alive


Trophies It'll Achieve:

  • Fly on The Wall - Get 3 Hang in There Medals on Crushing - Silver

  • Hanging On - Get 3 Hang in There Medals on Hard - Bronze 

Note: this is the easiest silver trophy in the game


Walkthrough: while in the church kill every enemy below you except 1 regular enemy, leave him untouched, then 2 people jump onto the keys and just wait, if someone goes down (highly unlikely, but the 3rd guy can go revive them) (you really only need 2 people for this), if they are on the other key, just jump on the chandelier to get over to them, just wait on the keys until you get this medal, after you get it DON'T KILL THE LAST GUY, have everyone jump off so you can restart the checkpoint entering the church, and repeat the process, you can get all 3 medals in one game (i haven't done this yet, i'm just assuming you can do this, since the checkpoint isn't active until you kill everyone)  in order to get 3 hang in there medals you will have to go through the level 3 times, as we tried to die after getting the medal, but it just respawned us on the lower level, sneaky ND Smiley Happy you will have to kill everyone until you fail the match in order to keep your medal and the ability to restart the level for 2 more tries (still is easy just have to go through the beginning section 3 times) 


Glitch by Matthijs - (untested) achieve this easier, do the following: When entering the room:




2) one player jumps to the poles on the left and runs for the left key, jump on the key


3) but instead of dropping down with the O-button, jump backwards (left analog stick down + X-button), the key will stay green, instead of returning to white


4) now run to the other key and do the same, the keys' timer will start to decrease


5) you can go hide somewhere safe and wait for the medal to appear,


repeat this 3 times and you get the trophy! this glitch saves you from emptying the room, leaving one man standing, therefore it saves a lot of time too!





                   ** Co-op Adventure Crushing - No lives lost **

                                      Provided by spme-1_2 


2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Trophies It'll Achieve:

  • Omnipotent - Complete a Co-op Adventure Match on Crushing Without Losing a Life - Silver

  • Deathless - Complete a Co-op Adventure Match on Hard Without Losing a Life - Bronze


Note: The easier level on crushing is London Underground. You should try there. Here's a strategy about how to pass it:


Recomened Kickbacks: Cluster, Team Medic, Team Protector



Note: The Cluster can be used on the Carpet bomber in the Library and on the Hammer boss in the end of level (don't try going for the unyielding medal in this playthrough since you might lose a life in doing so)



1)  Bring the rpg that you blew up the wall and kill the two riot shields that you meet before you enter the Library, when you are in the Library, pick up the Mag-5 from the upper walkway (before jumping down) and pick up the TAU sniper on the ledge to the left of the red circle, someone pick up the sawed off shotgun because all grabers and normal enemies will die in 1 shot, use the last rpg to kill a lot of enemies or at the few armoured enemies that spawn in the LIbrary, use the Mag and the Tau to shoot off the helmets to the Armoured shotgunners, punch them out only if you have good health and throw back their revenge grenade (away from your allies)


2) use the rest of the Mag and the Tau to kill the Carpet Bomber in the Library, he will die easily, watch out for the snipers and grabbers that continue to spawn until the carpet is dead


3) Before you go in the tunnel, one guy must go for the Hammer (beside the Mag-5 in the upper level of the Library). As you go in the tunnel 1 person pushes the cart, 1 person kills the enemies in front and the other 1 looks at the back with the hammer. once the first wave of enemies is dead (from behind the cart) pick up the other hammer (that one of the enemies drop) and wait for the second spawn. Then the enemy with the Pak-80 will respawn up in the train. use the cart as cover until you reach the fence then start to kill this enemy Then move forward, watch out for 3 or 4 chokers (one is always coming from behind, so watch out) and kill the remaining enemies. And before going to the next stage go inside the train, you will find a Hammer & a Tau-Sniper. Also in the end of tunnel, behind the metal box there's a Mag-5 :smileywink:


4) Moving to the next part, 2 people will kill the enemies coming down the stairs (stay as far to the bottom of the stairs as possible (you might get downed, so stay close to your buddies), the other person watches the spawn behind them

for the second set of stairs, someone can pick up the Rpg (against the wall directly in front of the stairs) (behind some cover) and the mag (on the garbage can) to kill the enemies coming down the stairs (riot shields, armoured shotguns, and a carpet bomber) watch out for the grabbers that spawn behind you (at the bottom of the first set of stairs)


5) For the final step, throw your cluster at the truck (where a lot of armoured enemies are and run for the turret on the right one person uses the turret and the other uses the Tau to take out the snipers on the roof. take out everyone you see with the turret and if you have another cluster throw it on the hammer boss if he isn't dead yet, then destroy the vehicle & that's it guys :smileyvery-happy: Just finish the level and in the next seconds you will have the trophies.


Noteif one person dies during this playthrough only he/she will not get the trophy, the other 2 people will earn it (the trophy is based on if you as an individual died; not if someone on your team died)


Note: if you are having trouble with London Underground, you should try Borneo, it is also farily easy







                       ** Co-op Arena Crushing - No Lifes Lost ** 


2 Trophies - 1 Silver, 1 Bronze



Trophies It'll Achieve:

  • Invinicble - Complete a Co-op Arena Match on Crushing Without Losing a Life - Silver

  • Immortal - Complete a Co-op Arena Match on Hard Without Losing a Life - Bronze 

Mods: try to Equip as much mods as possible on the M9, the G-Mal, and the AK as they will be scattered around the map the most (if you are good with the dragon, add mods to that too)


Helpful Kickbacks:

  • Army of Three (offensive),
  • Cluster (offensive),
  • Team Medic (defensive),
  • Team Protector (defensive)


Helpful Boosters (level them to gold for their maximum effect listed below (some benefits are included in their bronze level if you haven't leveled them up yet, look at their benefits before the game to see what will help)):

  • **Regeneration - helps you heal faster - can help in tricky situations
  • **Team Safe - protects your allies from your explosions (except propane tanks), if your grenade drops beside you while you are down you will not be killed, and you won't get knocked down from explosions (if you are using cluster you MUST use team safe or you might kill your teammates accidently)
  • Overstock - can hold onto medals after you have your kickback ready, so after you use your kickback, you can already have up to 7 medals saved up for your next kickback (you have to earn the medals; they do not magically appear)
  • Explosive Expert (not recommended) - you can stack cluster bombs by pressing the up button on the directional pad, i believe you can save up to 5 clusters for use at a time (i do not recommend doing this because if you die you will loss your clusters) (make sure not to throw a grenade since the cluster takes the spot of your grenade) (if you want to stack clusters, only stack 2 (one replacing your normal grenade and one ready to be activated, so if you die you only lose one)
  • **Kickback Endurance - can greatly help with Army of Three or Protector since it increases the duration of your kickback to 45 seconds which can be quite useful in times of chaos
  • Bargain - helps you achieve your kickback in fewer medals

** = recommended


Armoured Enemies: Shoot off their Helmets to punch them out quickly, only punch them out if you have a good amount of health left and there are no enemies near them that will down you easily (like a brute, Miltia Man or a shotgunner), if you can't get near them use the dragon or the g-mal and shoot their head constantly until they die, if you have the M9 or an AK shoot their body as it is easier to shoot their torso they will die quickly if you have mods on


Grabbers / Chockers: killing grabbers that are chocking your allies can give you a let em' go medal which will help get you your kickback faster and makes it easy for you to kill them, if you are not surrounded, get grabbed so someone can melee kill them, if they are armoured, shoot off their helmets first and then melee (they will occassionally drop grenades)


Melee kills: never perform a melee kill near a downed ally or if you are low on health, why? becuase on crushing every enemy you melee kill will drop a revenge grenade (except some grabbers) and if the grenade lands by your downed ally, the game will have trouble choosing what to do: revive the ally or pick up the grenade, if this happens, revive your ally so you both are downed from the grenade (instead of killing the downed ally) and have your other ally revive you both (keep a safe distance)


Cluster / Mega Bomber Melee Kills: there aren't any Mega Bombers in Co-op Arena but they are the same as Melee killing a Cluster: if you Melee kill the Cluster (there helmet is off) then they will drop a cluster as their revenge grenade, if you have team safe, they will drop a team safe cluster, but you can still be affected by your own grenades, so you will die, if you don't throw it back (your teammates will be fine if you have team safe silver/gold) (silver knocks them down but doesn't hurt them)


Throw Backs:  i recommend you become an expert at throwing back grenades, it greatly helps in Siege: if you have a cluster or multiple grenades land in the territory throwing them back might get you a kill or damage an enemy but it's main purpose is to defend yourself and your team mates, throw the grenades away from your allies, but only if you can, target your enemies... you might need to throw back grenades for your allies as in some melee kills it becomes hard to throw back their revenge grenades (especially the kick to the face)


Brutes (Enemies with the Pak-80 / Throws a Carpet): Brutes start to spawn at the end of round 7, if you finish round 7 fast enough you won't have to come across one, be aware that in killing them you now have the opportunity to pick up their gun, the Pak-80, it is a very effective weapon in taking down armoured enemies and even other brutes really fast, try reserving the Pak-80 for mini-bosses (such as the cluster) and for the brutes, it can be very helpful in killing a room of enemies in a short amout of time; if you are being over run: use the Pak-80 to clear the room, Brutes will also die with a well-placed cluster grenade (between their legs), if you throw it correctly you will only hear one explosion (since all grenade hit the brutes legs) and he will die. don't try to continuously run away from the brutes, try to kill them as soon as possible because more brutes will spawn and soon you might have 2 brutes shooting at you at once, and make sure you use the Pak-80 effectively as killing mini-bosses and brutes will help greatly in surviving


Mini-Bosses: there are a couple of mini-bosses that spawn in Co-op Arena those are the Brutes, the Cluster Bomber, the Carpet Bomber and the Militia Man (armoured rpgs, armoured snipers, and Mega Bombers do not appear in Co-op Arena) the order of highest to lowest threat is:


1. Brutes / Cluster Bomber (interchangeable)


2. Militia Men



3. Carpet Bomber



Brutes have the Pak-80 which can kill you easily and can throw a Carpet Bomb, but they are slow, and can't shoot throw walls, but the cluster can lob grenades from pretty much anywhere which makes them very lethal.



Militia Men don't have to reload their gun, which makes them a portable turret, and if left alone, they can down your team farily fast


Carpet Bombers aren't that much of a threat compared to the other mini-bosses but they might be the ones that down you in a chaotic battle and they are known for throwing grenades by downed allies in order to kill them


Highest Threat for all enemies:


1. Brutes / Cluster Bombers

2. Miltia Men

3. Rpg and Sniper enemies

4. Shotgunners (Armoured / normal / pistole)

5. Grabbers

6. Carpet Bombers

7. Other Armoured enemies

8. Riot Shields

9. All Other Enemies (normals that use either a long gun or a pistol)



# of Rounds you have to Survive Through: 10


Types of Rounds:

  • Siege - kill 25 enemies in the hill - hardest of all rounds, if you feel overrun, run away to lead the enemies to an other place while killing off a few to make it easier then return to the hill (only kills from the hill count)
  • Survival - kill 25 enemies - easiet round, hope for it in the later rounds
  • Gold Rush - Capture 2 Idols - keep by your idol carrier and it'll be easy

How Do They Pick the Rounds?: the rounds are random, gold rush will never be past round 7, and it will only pop up 2-3 times, most of the time you will play either siege or survival, hope for survival for both round 9 and round 10, that's the ideal scenario


Map Recommendations: Chateau, Facility, Highrise (Don't jump off), Museum


Grand Note: don't die... well obviously, but just don't go rambo, stay back, be cautious, try to avoid melee kills as they drop revenge grenades, and stay together



Walkthrough From Hielke6991: 

Intro:  I did it in The Highrise but you have to know the map very good. If you fall off every now and then you should try another map. Also use Team Safe so you don't have knock down from explosives and you can't get blown off the ledge.

Survival: Sitting at the roof of the hotel works pretty well. You see every one coming if you stay at the side of the roof where the Mag-5 spawns. If there come too many of them on the roof at once than quickly jump off. But jump off on the same side of the roof as your party.

Gold Rush: Gold rush is not that hard in this map. If it spawns at the top level of the hotel than you should be able to put it in without any problems. If it spawns at the other side of the level than go through the first floor of the hotel. NEVER take the yellow bar, for some reason your character jumps against it some times when you jump to it and you fall off. It doesn't happen often but I wouldn't risk it.

Siege: The first hill is next to the water tower, Its a pretty good hill with plenty of cover and you can also be on top of the platform instead of below it. The second hill is at the 1st floor of the hotel and again has lots of cover. Like every map The Highrise has 1 hard siege hill. That is the third. Its at the 1st floor of the grey building and enemies spawn right into it. Brutes will also cause trouble here since its easy for them to hit you. Also watch out for armoured enemies that jump from the second floor. If there are just too much enemies in the hill than flee, Walk around the map once or twice so the enemies will leave the hill again.





     ** Co-op Arena / Adventure / Shade Survival / Hunter Arena  **

                                ** Treasure Set Trophies ** 


2 Trophies - 2 Silver, 0 Bronze



Trophies It'll Achieve:

  • Collector - Complete all the Antiquity Treasure Sets - Silver

  • Hoarder - Complete all the Artifact Treasure Sets - Silver 


Co-op Arena / Shade Survival / Hunter: note that all treasures available in co-op arena are completely luck-based, there is no loop hole to easily achieve them, but there is a way to slightly increase your chances in getting all the treasures, i recommend playing Co-op Arena (which is the most fun of all Co-op modes (between Arena / Hunter / Shade Survival) and has the highest treasure drop (normally)) to get all the common treasures, so that is to complete every co-op arena treasure set to 50% or 66% (1/2 or 2/3) 


the last treasure in every set in considered the rare treasure, such as the strange relic for Suited Drake's top hat or the Chenrezig Buddha for Elena's cat ears or the Fibula Thogchag for Drake's Aviators. These rare treasures have a very low drop rate and only a lucky few have had them drop in co-op arena games, but how most people get these rare treasures in from Hunter arena


yes i know Hunter is boring but rare treasures drop more frequently in Hunter than they do in Arena and you can also pick up treasures from treasure chests (i know treasures from treasure chests, that's bizarre Smiley Happy  but you cannot pick up treasures from "treasure" chests in Co-op Arena or Shade Survival) which makes Hunter even better for treasures


Here is an easy and fast way to find a lot of treasures, since it's in Arena, keep in mind that not a lot (or any) of the rare treasures will drop:


Hunter Note: only the opponents drop treasures, so when you are Heroes try to find the enemies that are sprinting (normal AI don't usually sprint) or simply see the name over their head, when you are the hunters (allied with the AI) try to go for stealth kills (helps with the 50 assassination medals trophy) or pull downs, since either will automatically kill your opponent, shooting them or other melee kills will only down them, so they can be revived by a teammate (you cannot make their downed timer decrease by shooting at them; you have to wait until it's gone or they commit suicide)


Heroes only drop treasures if they are completely dead (they don't drop treasures when they are downed), so only go for kills and treasure boxes, if you have a mic, try to see if the other team will alternate kills with you (meet at a spot somewhere on the map and take turns killing each other, to increase the possibility of dropping a treasure) don't go for the captures, because if the team who was heroes second has more captures than the team who was heroes first at the start of round #4 then the game will end early because there is no way of coming back (the heroes had round 1 and round 3 already; 2 rounds to capture, which is the max for one team) so to avoid only playing 3 rounds instead of 4 no team will capture, if you don't have mics, put FARM as your clan tag and your opponent will know you want to alternate kills


if you have a party of 4, split into parties of 2 and try to find each other in hunter arena (if you are having trouble finding them have everyone join a text chat; where someone who is not a host of a party will count down to 1 for both party leaders to start to find a game)


Note: that only the person who gets the kill or who picks up the treasure box will recieve the treasure, so the treasures are not shared by teammates, like they are in Co-op Arena, share the kills and treasure boxes equally Smiley Happy


How to Obtain Treasures from Hunter: Killing your opponents (downing your opponent does not count) & picking up a treasure chest


Problems With Hunter:

  • hardly anyone plays it
  • There is no late join
  • if the host of the game leaves, everyone gets kicked from the game
  • a lot of people leave / get disconnected easily
  • Heroes have a lot more health than Hunters do, if you are a hunter do not try to go 1v1 against a hero, if they know how to shoot a gun (which most people know how to do Smiley Happy ) and have you in their sights, then you will die really fast
  • If the Heroes capture the idol and you are in the radius of the shockwave escaping the chest, you will die, if they are about to capture and you are too far away to stop it: run away from the chest to avoid dieing
  • Heroes automatically get their kickbacks when they capture, which can be quite a #&$% move if you use Army of Three or Team Protector (pretty much infinite kickbacks if they have kickback endurance and keep capturing)
  • Sawed-Off Shotguns are REALLY useful as the hunter (downs the hero in 2 shots) (if you shoot them twice and melee them fast they will not go down but just die automatically) and as the Hero (kills a hunter in 1 shot ) (which is strange because the hammer still takes 2 shots to kill a hunter)

Hunters you can play as (waves are based on time-left in the round):


Wave 1

  • PARA 9 (0 Medals)
  • G-MAL (1 Medal)
  • AK-47 and Grenade (1 Medal)
  • Sawed Off Shotgun (2 Medals)**


Wave 2

  • Raffica Pistol (0 Medals)
  • M9 and 1 Grenade (1 Medal)
  • Armored Sawed Off Shotgun (7 Medals)**
  • Armored M9 (7 Medals)
  • Shield and Pistol Auto (3 Medals)
  • Dragon Sniper (3 Medals)


Wave 3

  • Arm Micro (0 Medals)
  • M9 and 1 Grenade (1 Medal)
  • Armored Sawed Off Shotgun (7 Medals)**
  • Armored SAS-12 and 3 Grenades (10 Medals)
  • Armored M9 and 3 Grenades (10 Medals)


** = very effective against heroes



Co-op Adventure Treasures: there are 5 treasure sets in the Artifcat Treasure Sets and there are 5 treasure sets in the Antiquity Treasure Sets that can only be achieved from Co-op Adenture those sets with the respective map are:



              Set Name                                          Map                                Difficulty Droped On                                       Located In

  • Gold Sanxingdui -------------------------- Airport ------------------------- Easy / Normal ----------------------------------- Antiquity
  • Elaborate Animals ------------------------ Syria -------------------------- Easy / Normal ----------------------------------- Antiquity
  • Gold Worship -------------------- London Underground -------------- Easy / Normal ----------------------------------- Antiquity
  • Spanish Goblets ----------------------- Monastery ---------------------- Easy / Normal ----------------------------------- Antiquity
  • Silver Death Set -------------------------- Borneo ------------------------ Easy / Normal ----------------------------------- Antiquity
  • Knowledgeable Gentlemen----------- Airport ------------------------ Hard / Crushing ----------------------------------- Artifact
  • Stylish Jewelry-------------------- London Underground ------------ Hard / Crushing ----------------------------------- Artifact
  • Wrath ----------------------------------------- Syria ------------------------- Hard / Crushing ----------------------------------- Artifact
  • Valuable Lion ----------------------------- Borneo ----------------------- Hard / Crushing ----------------------------------- Artifact
  • Smiling End ----------------------------- Monastery --------------------- Hard / Crushing ----------------------------------- Artifact

Note: that all Easy / Normal Treasures Will Drop on Hard / Crushing too, so there is no point in playng Easy / Normal first, i recommend farming on hard since you get more lives (15 as opposed to 10) which means more farming opportunities, and crushing doesn't have that much of an increase of treasure drop, if you are having trouble getting these treasures on hard, try crushing (if you can get to the farming point without losing any lives, to maximize your chances) i only had to do this in order to get Marco Polo (Airport) all other maps should be farily easy to achieve the treasures, especially after they updated Syria and London Underground


Farming: killing the boss then killing yourself before you reach the checkpoint (checkpoints are achieved by killing every enemy so leave the normal guys alive if you can)  in order to kill him again if he doesn't drop the right treasure


Co-op Adventure Bosses that Drop Treasures from Psyken's Thread: Treasure Discussion: (


Bosses that only appear on Crushing difficulty do not drop treasures and are therefore are not included. The bosses are listed in order of appearance. Navy Blue treasures unlock Artifact sets. Orange treasures unlock Antiquity sets. 


Navy Blue text indicates an Hard/Crushing treasure. Orange text indicates a Easy/Normal treasure.



Carpet Bomb Boss: Lion (IVORY), Skull (SILVER)

Armoured Shotgunner (where you pick up the Wes-44 from a pit, not a Kickback boss): Lion (SILVER), Skull Bead (SILVER) 

Lieutenant Draza: Lion (GOLD), Yamantaka Head (SILVER)


London Underground:

Carpet Bomb Boss: Ottoman Bracelet (GOLD),  Spanish Chalice (GOLD)

M-32 Hammer Boss: Pattered Ring (SILVER), Jeweled Cross (GOLD)



Carpet Bomb Boss:* (Hard, Normal and Easy) Yama On Buffalo (LAPIS-LAZULI), Spanish Goblet (GOLD) 

Cluster Bomb Boss:* (Crushing Only) Yama on Buffalo (LAPIS-LAZULI)  Spanish Goblet (GOLD)

M-32 Hammer Boss: Skull Bead (HEMATITE), Spanish Goblet (SILVER)

*These two are the same boss, but have different Kickbacks on different difficulties.



Cluster Bomb Boss: Wrathful Mask (SILVER), Thogchag Ghau Amulet (HEMATITE)

Carpet Bomb Boss: Wrathful Deity Head (SILVER), Shive Amulet (BRONZE)*, Shive Amulet (SILVER)*

Brute: Wrathful Deity Head (GOLD), Shive Amulet (SILVER)*Shive Amulet (BRONZE)*

*i don't believe these two bosses drop both treasures, the thread i took this information from probably wasn't updated, if you get one of the amulets from the carpet the other one will drop from the brute



Eddy: Antique Watch (SILVER), Sanxingdui Stickeye Head (GOLD)

FlynnOttoman Ring (GOLD), Wrathful Mask (GOLD)

Lazarevic: Antique Pipe (IVORY), Sanxingdui Flattop Head (GOLD)


Look Here to See all the Treasure Sets, where they are dropped, and what they will unlock:





         ** Shade Survival and Miscellaneous Co-op Arena Trophies **  

11 Trophies - 0 Silver, 11 Bronze 



* = Trophies


Shades Survival Trophies - 3 Bronze Trophies

Note: It’s easier to obtain any of the medals in hard, normal, or easy. Difficulty does not matter to obtain these medals. But if you are trying to level up and get these medals at the same time, you can try crushing, but make sure everyone has the Army of Three kickback and use the dragon sniper a lot, you don't have to go out of your way to obtain these medals, if you play enough games, you'll get these trophies without even worrying about them

*FirefighterGet 150 Shade Survivalist Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - Get four Shade kills, as a team, during a Shade Survival objective


Walkthrough - See Spartan


*Spartan  - Get 150 In The Shade Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - Get three Shade kill, as a team, during a Shade Siage objective


Walkthrough for Both Spartan and Firefighter:  YOU DO NOT NEED TO GET THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF KILLS BY YOURSELF TO GET THE MEDALS. It doesn’t matter if you get the kill or not; If you get at least one bullet into every soldier that eventually dies you'll get the Shade Survivalist (every 4 kills in Survival) and the In The Shade (every 3 kills in Siege) medals.


For both Siege and Survival, the round goal starts off as 12 kills, therefore you will get the In the Shade medal at most 4 times in one Siege round and the Shade Survivalist medal at most 3 times on one Survival round, so you'll have to play at least 50 rounds of Survival or at least 17 games of Shade Survival (since there is only 3 rounds of Survival per game) to get 150 Shade Survivalists medals


and you'll have to play at least 37.5 rounds of Siege or at least 12.5 games of Shade Survival (since there is only 3 rounds of Siege per game) to get 150 In The Shades medals (all assuming that you beat all 8 rounds without restarting a round, so playing only 17 games of Shade Survival (biggest number of the 3 trophies) isn't that much of a grind, and it isn't at all boring, Shade Survival can be a very challenging mode which can also be a very fun experience with your friends at the same time


*Not Afraid Of The Dark get 50 Lights Out medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - Kill a marked Shade


Marked Shade Objective - kill 5 marked Shades - so you have up to 5 opportunities to get this medal per round, the marked shade will have 3-4 body guards that can compose of grabbers, snipers and miltia men (and a hammer enemy on the 2nd round of Marked Shade) if you want you can take out his bodyguards first so it's a 3v1, but only do this when the bodyguards are grabbers, and make sure that you don't all get grabbed, if the enemies are snipers or miltia men, try to kill the marked shade as quick as you can to avoid facing his bodyguards, because you can kill grabbers much easier than an armoured sniper or a miltia man (grabbers can be melee killed even on Shade Survival). Be careful on the 2nd round of Marked Shade since the first 3 out of 5 Marked Shades will carry a M-32 hammer (if you pick up their hammer it will have no shots Smiley Sad )


Walkthrough - Basically if you want to get this medal easily,  a Dragon or a T-bolt sniper will greatly improve your chances of killing the Marked Shade. 2 shots to the head will get you this medal or if you have Army of Three only 1 shot is needed. In one game you could get 10 of these medals (2 rounds of Marked Shade) (assuming you don't die during the round (which then you will have more chances of receiving this medal) letting you play Shade Survival only 5 times in order to obtain it.


Walkthrough for Firefighter, Spartan and Not Afraid of the Dark by munnsy1 - Pick easy (where you can kill the shades easier and you don't down as easily) on Survial kill 8 enemies and then suicide, and on siege kill 9 then then suicide.Got it in 3 games doing this method. The Marked man takes 3 explosive hits to kill, so a double quick boom, plus a hammer will take 2 out.





Miscellaneous Co-op Trophies - 8 Bronze Trophies

*Air Mail  get 25 return to sender medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - get 3 throw back kills in a Co-op match


Note: throw back kills that count as $0 in siege do not count towards this medal, do this with friends rather than in public matches. Play Arena on Crushing, and play only round 1 & 2 (no armoured enemies on round #1, and very few on round #2 (avoid armoured enemies since the regular enemies are easier to melee and die with only one grenade))


Walkthrough: Wait for more soldiers to gather up (stay in cover) when there is more than two soldiers visible, melee one soldier and throwback his revenge grenade at the nearest soldier you see. Kill 3 soldiers with throwbacks to obtain the Return to Sender medal. Keep doing so until there is one soldier left in round 2. Kill yourselves and continue doing so.


Note: trying for throw back kills in later rounds is very risky, it might result in your team losing the match, so try to get some in the early rounds, then try to survive after round #3


*Boom, Headshot – Get 50 Head Cracker Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - get 5 head shot Kills in Co-op


Walkthrough: Play Co-op Arena on Hard or Normal, use nothing but the Sniper or the G-Mal (scope-in by pressing L3) and Aim for the head of an enemy, try to kill regular enemies since they take fewer shots to kill them (you will know it's a headshot if you listen for the *ping* noise it makes)

*Look Out Below – Get 10 Denotator Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - blow up a truck (with the turrets on them) in the Fort Co-op Adventure Map


Walkthrough - after you face the Militia Man and the Hammer enemy, set up the propane tanks to where the truck will go (do this before you activate the checkpoint). You’ll find 3 propane tanks down below you (where you started the level) and 3 on the same level as and close to the checkpoint, if they haven’t been exploded yet. After the cutscene, immediately throw a grenade down to the propane tanks by the truck, giving it plenty of damage. Next kill the RPG guy up on the top left (where the armoured sniper is when you face the hammer and miltia man on crushing) and swing & climb to get his RPG. Shoot the truck until it explodes and you will get the Detonator medal. Next jump down to the bottom and there will be an armoured RPG soldier (at the door that the trucks came through and where the checkpoint will be after you kill everyone), kill him and take his RPG to finish off the other truck (if you haven't blown up the other truck, wait for another rpg to spawn at the door).


Shorter Walkthrough - Throw a cluster bomb between the two trucks while your friend activates Army of Three.
If you don’t kill the other soldiers you can keep repeating that sequence by killing yourselves and getting the medal 8 more times.


*Denotator - get 10 Mad Bomber medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - get 10 kills with grenades in a Co-op match


Walkthrough - the Mad Bomber medal is used to level up the co-op explosive expert booster, pretty much throw a grenade under every enemy you see, normal enemies will die with one grenade and won't normally run away (they crouch down in terror), kills for return to sender also count towards mad bomber, so you can do both and level up explosive expert at the same time if you wish. an easy way to get a lot of grenade kills in to use the Cluster Bomb kickback, wait for a large group of enemies to appear in one spot and throw a cluster on them, this will most likely kill every enemy in it's radius (sometimes except for brutes)


*Key Master - Get 100 Gate Keeper Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - Kill a kickback boss (hammer, cluster, carpet, or miltia)


Walkthrough - no real strategy is needed for this medal, but if you are having trouble killing kickback bosses or "mini-bosses", just keep in mind that you can pull them down even if their helmet is still on and you can also head smack them over cover (when you are in low cover (where you are crouched) and they are on the other side of the cover hit SQUARE and watch your character grab their head and smack it against the cover...). Also you can punch out a kickback boss if their helmet is shot off, be careful punching out a hammer or a cluster on crushing though because these two enemies will drop their respective special grenades as their revenge grenades


Where They Appear:

  • Co-op Arena  - only on Crushing
  • All Co-op Adventure Maps - some only appear on Crushing like the Carpet Bomber right before the end of London Underground
  • Shade Survival - not sure if they appear on hard, normal, or easy, i've only played Shade Survival on Crushing

Quick Walkthrough from Matthijs - play monastery on easy (in a party of 2 (for more chances)), at the end of the level after you protect the statue from the rpgs, 3 mini-bosses will appear, kill all 3 of them for 3 Gate Keeper medals then kill yourself before you activate the checkpoint (by killing everyone (which shouldn't be a problem to avoid everyone else if it's on easy)) rinse and repeat until you have no lives left


if you don't want an easy playthrough on your stat card just fail the mission by killing yourselfs again and it won't count



*Pop Top - Get 100 In The Soft Spot Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - Punch out 3 Armoured Enemies


Walkthrough - to punch out an armoured enemy, shoot off their helmet, and hit them with the SQUARE button, if you were only shooting their head to shoot off their helmet you will have to punch them twice in order to kill them, if they are almost dead by the time you shoot their helmet off, they might only require 1 punch to kill them, armoured enemies can be killed without punching them out, so try to shoot off their helmet instead of shooting their torso


this can be easily done if an armoured is by himself, if there are too many armoured enemies around you (especially armoured shotgunners) it's not a good idea to go punch one armoured out, try to isolate the armoured enemies as well as you can then punch them out


Tip From Matthijs_17 - In the Soft Spot medals can be easily farmed in siege, because this is one of the medals which you can acquire outside of the siege zone, therefore you can easily farm it in one of the earlier rounds, to avoid having trouble with brutes or a lot of mini-bosses


since your goal will only decrease if you achieve a kill within the siege area, you can get as many kills as you need outside of the siege area, keep in mind that on crushing more armoured enemies will spawn but militias will start to spawn as early as round 2 (no armoured enemies spawn in the first round)



*We Can Kill It - Kill 25 Brutes - bronze trophy


Brutes - Brutes are large enemies that have a lot of armour and carry the infamous weapon: the Pak-80. they can also throw a Carpet Bomb (3 grenades at once) which allows them to down you fast while they themselves take quite a bit of damage to takedown


Walkthrough - although Brutes have a lot of health, they are not invincible, instead of trying to fight a brute with the classic AK-47 or the M9, try to find some power weapons scattered around the map which will take away some of his armour, or have all 3 players unload every clip into him until he dies, but there are still better ways to kill a brute


Clusters: a well placed cluster bomb (in between his legs) will kill a brute instantly and even if you don't place it in between his legs, if he is in the radius of the cluster it will still do a substantial amount of damage to him, where you can now unload a clip or two into him to kill him


Pistols: don't always rely on long guns: the Para 9 does quite a bit of damage to this monster, if his armour is completely off and you run out of ammo or you just want to beat your ally to the kill, try rapid firing with your Para (while aiming of course Smiley LOL ), you'll be surpised with the result, the Para 9 can shoot relatively fast


Army of Three: this kickback can also help you down the Brute fast even with long guns and if you are also using the Cluster you can kill him and everyone around him with ease (i little overkill, even for the Brute, but whatever works Smiley Happy )


Dragon Sniper - this is a very effective weapon against the brute, maybe 10-15 shots will kill a brute, which makes it a lot easier than using a regular long gun


Pak-80 - this weapon can be used to kill every enemy REALLY fast, even the Brutes!! once a brute is killed or a round ends, and they fall over dead, pick up their Pak and await the next Brute spawn


Where they appear:

  • Co-op Arena - all maps, end of round 7 to round 10 - more and more brutes spawn in the later rounds of Co-op Arena, so kill them fast before you get overrun by sometimes up to 4 brutes Smiley Surprised (i have never seen more than 2-3 brutes at once, but someone told me that they faced up to 4 brutes at the same time) (i can't confirm that they appear in easy or normal, since i have never played Co-op Arena on easy or normal)
  • Co-op Adventure - 1 in Syria (before you climb the wall at the end to the helicopters, he's in a cutscene and has the last idol, so you can't miss him), 2 in Monastery outside when you are defending the statue from the rpgs (only on crushing) and in the Library when you are trying to escape with Drake (one of the last enemies to kill for the checkpoint to become active (just like Arena i can't confirm if there are Brutes in Co-op Adventure on easy or normal)
*Looking For Loot - Collect 50 Three Medal Pickup Medals - bronze trophy


Medal Description - awarded for collecting a treasure chest


Note - treasures chests are in Co-op Arena, Co-op Hunter Arena, Co-op Shade Survival and all Competive Game Modes (except hardcore); everything but Co-op Adventure and Hardcore


Walkthrough - treasure chests will open every minute or so allowing you to go pick them up and achieve 3 medals towards your kickback, very simply go pick them up when they open before someone else does 50 times to get this trophy



Thanks to DrakeShepard for Providing Some of the Tips and Walkthroughs in This Portion of the Guide









I reached the limit of 120,000 characters in this post, Competitive Wins and part 1 and 2 for the Miscellaneous Competitive trophies can be found by following this link:






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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

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This. Is. Brilliant.

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DLC Trophy Guide Part 2 - Competitive

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                                     DLC Trophy Guide

                                    Part 2 - Competitive


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Competive Wins Trophies ** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


5 Trophies - 5 Silver, 0 Bronze


Team Deathmatch


Objective – As a Team, Get to 50 Kills first


Trophy It'll Achieve - Gladiator - Win 50 games of Team Deathmatch - Silver Trophy


Number of Teams – 2


Team Size – 5


Overtime– if both teams have over 49 kills, it will go into overtime (50-49 will go into overtime), if it is tied after overtime, it will head into sudden death. Sometimes someone will get a kill at the end of overtime and won’t count until sudden death, this will just prevent the opposing team from spawning and will eventually end the game (just a delayed win). In Sudden Death,  It will respawn everyone at their original spawn (from the start of the game) and plays out as an elimination round (everyone has 1 life) and you know where everyone on the other team is (names of the enemies appear through walls and from across the map, so there is no hiding)


Power Weapons – power weapons are scattered across the map, allowing you to pick them up and get an easy kill (power weapons include: RPG-7, M-32 Hammer, Mag, Pistole, & T-Bolt)


Walkthrough – party up with friends and play as a team, travel together, use team safe to prevent killing your allies and giving your opponents a free kill… it doesn’t matter if you lose a match just keep trying, and those 50 wins will come in no time


Know the Map – make up a path to travel, and take note on where other people like to go, DON’T CAMP as you are not helping out your team


Maps to avoid when voting in TDM


  • Airstrip (with intro) - the plane section at the start can be really laggy and can cause people to be disconnected from the game or you can have trouble killing people because everything is teleporting around (#1 map not to be picked)


  • London Underground (with intro) - the trian section at the start can be really laggy at times and can cause people to be disconnected from the game, the map will even glitch and the walls and tracks will disappear; (the train will fly through the air Smiley Happy ) if someone leaves or gets disconnected the train section starts over and you have to wait even longer for the train to reach the station (if LU (with intro) and airport (with intro) are the voting options, pick LU, since the plane scene will lag out a lot easier than the train scene (LU is #2 not be to picked)


  • London Underground (without intro) - a lot of people like to camp in this map (top of the stairs) a good way to avoid meeting campers is to not pick their maps such as LU, if this is picked avoid going to their spots, they will come out eventually or you can fight the people who don't camp, which makes it even easier to win (for example: if 2 people set up their tents and your team stays away from their camp fire Smiley Happy, it's really a 5v3)...


  • Temple - a lot of people might like this map, but i don't because too many people like to camp and there are a lot of spots for them, leaving the people who run around (like me) easy targets Smiley Sad


  • there are other maps like syria and graveyard that have some bad spawns but can still be manageable depending on how good your team is...




Three Team Deathmatch


Trophy It'll Achieve - Two By Two - Win 50 games of Three Team Deathmatch - Silver Trophy


Objective -  as a Team,  get to 20 kills first



Number of Opposing Teams – 2


Team Size – 2


Sudden death – if the game is tied after overtime, only teams with the same amount of kills will advance to sudden death, the team with the lower amount kills after overtime automatically loses


Walkthrough – there are fewer power weapon spawns in this mode than regular TDM, but there are also fewer enemies, stay close to your buddy to make it easier to kill someone (double damage J ) see Team Deathmatch for further info on this mode


Team Objective


Trophy It'll Achieve - Team Player -  Win 50 Games of Team Objective - Silver Trophy


Objective  - to team objective is to win the most amount of rounds as possible, first to three will win the match or the team with the most wins


Round rotation – king of the hill or chain reaction will be the first round, TDM will always be round #5 (if the match makes it that far) the other rounds, depend on the map, king of the hill might appear twice in one game


Ties – if the round is tied, neither team will get a win for that round, if the game is tied after  5 rounds, the game will end in a tie


King of the Hill – capture and hold a territory, the team with the most points wins the round, points are awarded per person in the hill per second (if the territory is captured), so the more people in the hill the more points your team will earn (so have everyone in the hill at all times), there will be a new hill at 2 minutes left in the round


Chain Reaction – there are 5 territories to capture in each map, your team as to capture them in order, starting with #1 then #2, you are only able to capture a territory if the previous territory in under your control… keep in mind that your  #5 is there #1 (so number 3 will be when your teams meet) a way to capture territories fast is to have 1 person capture #1, 1 person wait at #2 to capture it, and have the other 3 people wait at #3 to capture it or send someone to #4 (or their #2 to slow them down, allowing your team to capture #3 before they capture their #2) first team to capture their #5 or the team with the most territories under their control will win the round


Turf War – there are 3 territories on every map that can be captured in any order, points to the individual are divided amongst the allies in the hill (if it is captured), it doesn’t award points the same as king of the hill (where everyone gets 1 point per second) in turf war, sometimes only 1 person will get points and sometimes both players will get points, but to get points every second, you need to be the only person in the hill… but that’s only individual points, they are not the same as the team points


Team points are awarded for the amount of hills captured per second, so if you have 2 territories captured your team earns 2 points per second, the ideal number of territories captured is 3 but you can still win with just 2, place 2-3 people in each hill to defend it from attackers once you obtain your 2 territories, if you lose a territory either try to retake it or capture the other territory (try to capture the territories that are easy to defend, for example the hill on the boat in facility isn’t that easy to defend as it is completely open, capture the other 2 territories


Treasure Hunter – an idol will spawn on the map and the objective is to hold the idol for as long as possible, for every second you hold the idol, your team will receive 1 point, the team with the most points or the first to 150 points wins the round


Multi-Marked Man – the game will select the 3rd person on both teams to be the first marked man, the 4th person to be marked 2nd and the 5th person to be marked for 3 times, the first team to 5 marked man kills or the team with the most marked man kills at the end of the round will win


Team Deathmatch – a very fast round of TDM (this round will only appear if the game goes to round #5)


An ultimate guide to Team Objective can be found here:






Trophy It’ll Achieve – And Stay Down! -  Win 50 Games of Elimination - Silver Trophy


Required Wins - 50


Objective – first team to 2 round wins… wins the match, to win a round your team has to kill every member of the opposing team before your whole team is killed


Walkthrough– don’t die … you only have 1 life per round, as soon as you die you will have to wait for the next round to spawn. Try to stay with your allies, as to isolate yourself leaves you as an easy target, kill all enemies on the opposing team before your whole team is killed. If the round is timed out then the team with the most kills will win, but near the end of the round enemy's names will appear through walls, so hiding isn’t an option then






Trophy It’ll Achieve – Treasure Collector - Win 50 Games of Plunder - Silver Trophy


Objective – capture the idol into your team chest (1 designated chest per team)


Idol Spawns – there are only a couple of idol spawns on every map, know them and have someone head for them as soon as the game starts or the idol is captured (or about to be captured) or if the idol hasn’t been grabbed by anyone for a while and you’re not close to it (the idol will eventually respawn if no one grabs it)


Walkthrough – use boosters like beast mode (move the idol faster) and back in the saddle (respawn faster) to help your chances of success at getting the idol to your chest. If you don’t have beast mode on, as soon as you pick up the idol, throw it towards your chest (it’s faster to continuously throw the idol then run to it, instead of running with it if you don’t have beast mode, if you do have beast mode however, it’s faster to run with it). Have 2 people as designated treasure carriers (who will have beast mode on) and the rest of the team be the protectors who will kill anyone who is shooting at your treasure carrier


If both of your treasure carriers are dead and if the only people who are still alive don’t have beast mode, still move the idol (by throwing it) allowing the idol carriers to have less work when they respawn and making more work for the enemy team


Maps to avoid when voting (unless you want 20 minute games with few captures, don't pick these maps)

  • Syria - due to plunder spawning issues (they will spawn on your box in Syria!)
  • Museum - my most hated map for plunder, because the spawns are terrible on both sides, but for the one side it's just atrocious (as soon as they spawn they have a clear view of the chest right in front of them)
  • London Underground - once again because of the spawns, if you are trying to capture on the side with the double train tracks, the opposition will spawn beside your chest
  • Chateau - spawning issues on both sides makes it hard to capture


How to prevent spawning by your base – know where the spawns are in plunder by your chest and have someone on your team stand there preventing them from spawning at that spot allowing your idol carrier to score easier



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Miscellaneous Competitive Trophies Part 1 ** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



 14 Trophies - 1 Silver, 13 Bronze


Blue = Trophy Name


Treasure Domination  Win a Plunder game without letting the opposing team score (5-0) - Silver Trophy


Walkthrough – See Plunder Wins in the Competitive Win Trophy Section for help on plunder




Boom Goes the Dynamite  Get 50 Frag ‘Em Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – in any competitive mode, kill 3 enemies with grenades


Walkthrough – I hate to say it because I hate being killed by these kickbacks, but anyways, the easy way to get a couple grenade kills is by using QuickBoom or Mega Bomb (you can use cluster but in competitive,  Mega Bomb seems more effective to me, as you can run away from a cluster easier) (I have been using negative boosters to level up so I only have 1 frag em’ medal so far (all from the same throw back kill that only gave me 1 here hold this L))


use the method that BIG2KREW took from the experienced players to get grenade kills (throw the grenade off a roof or wall so it acts as a quick boom when it hits your target) this method makes it easy to get kills in team objective, when there are a lot of enemies in the hill hit the Mega bomb off the roof so they can’t throw it back…




Capital Punishment - Get 25 Executioner Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – Kill the Marked Man


Walkthrough – the marked man powerplay shows up in TDM, but only the losing team has the opportunity to get this medal, so I would advise playing team objective where Multi-Marked Man is a round in that game mode, each team can get up to 5 marked man kills a round, and since this trophy only calls for 25 medals, you’ll get it in no time, even if you only kill 1 marked man a game




It's Good to Be King Get 50 Three Kickback King Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – activate your kickback 3 times within a game


Walkthrough – this medal is really easy to get, even if you’re trying to level up. Once you reach level 19 you unlock a kickback that is called: cash em’ in, this kickback temporally doubles the money you receive from medals, and will increase the money you receive from kills as well, the best part about this kickback is that it only costs 4 medal to achieve it, use gold bargain, and you’ll get it in 2 medals, add the paid bargain booster and it’ll only require 1 medal to receive it, use it in those pesky 20 minute plunder matches and see all those Three Kickback King medals pop up




Long Gun Lover Get 50 Commando Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – get 3 long gun kills


Long guns – Dragon Sniper, G-MAL, AK-47, M9, KAL-7 (idk why the KAL is considered a long gun lol Smiley Happy )


Walkthrough – unless you only use pistols or melee kills, you probably already have this trophy… this medal is one third of the triple threat medal (see Miscellaneous Competitive Trophies Part 2)




Overpowered Get 50 Power Killer Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description –get 3 kills with power weapons


Power weapons – SAS shotgun, sawed-off shotgun, RPG, M-32 Hammer, Mag-5, pistol


Walkthrough – most of you already have this trophy, because when I was using double negatives to level up, all I saw was M9s and power weapons, but for the few who were leveling up like me:  just kill 3 kills with power weapons (when you take the negative booster off of courseSmiley Happy), can be from picked up weapons or kickback power weapons, like the RPG kickback




Payback is a… Get 50 Retaliation Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – kill the enemy who killed you last


Walkthrough - this medal is used to level up the “come here” booster, but these medals are really easy to get, a lot of people already have this trophy. Every time you die, remember the enemy’s name or what character they are using and try to go for them (if you get killed before you get your retaliation medal, your target will be changed to the enemy that just killed you, go after them instead of your previous target)




Up Top! - Get 50 High Five Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – if you and your buddy both damage the same enemy and one of you kill them, then a high five opportunity will present itself (only high fives near a blue icon will grant you the medal)


Walkthrough – travel with your buddy (activate your buddy system by high fiving someone) have both people get a shot in an enemy (2 dragons would help if you both a good snipers that can run around with them, since the dragon is only a 2 shot kill, 1 shot each) you can also each melee the same enemy for an instant kill (2 melee = death)


Be warned that you cannot high five on an uneven surface, the blue icon has a radius for the high five of up to five metres, so if the blue icon is on the stairs head to a flat surface like the bottom or the top (whichever is closest and within 5 metres), you have to be willing for those high fives, since the icon will disappear as soon as the enemy spawns again, if they have “back in the saddle” gold, you might have some trouble getting to the high five fast enough, as soon as the icon appears both you and your buddy have to  rush it and high five by pressing the down button on the D-pad




Wild Wild West Get 50 Gunslinger Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – 3 three kills with pistols


Walkthrough – how to get pistols kills easily, is to use the riot shield or use the Mag-5 or the pistole (shotgun pistol), all you have to do is get 3 kills with any kind of pistols (doesn’t have to be with the same kind of pistol) getting this medal is one third of the way to a triple threat (see Miscellaneous Competitive Trophies Part 2)




You're Out! Get 50 Strike Three Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – get 3 kills before dying


Walkthrough – not too difficult, killing 3 enemies before you die is that hard, you’ll get this trophy eventually without even trying for it…




Double Trouble Get 50 Double Down Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – get 2 kills in rapid succession


Walkthrough – these kinds of medals (five not alive, connect four…) are a lot easier to get in uncharted 3 than they were in uncharted 2, in uncharted 3 they give you more time between kills, this trophy will also come without trying for it, if you get 2 kills with a grenade or something like that, it will still count as a double down (this medal can only be achieved in Deathmatch modes (not in plunder or team objective))…




Everyday I'm Tauntin' Get 50 In Your Face Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – taunt over the body of the enemy you just killed five times in a game


Walkthrough – the taunt will only count if it is directly over the body and if the enemy hasn’t respawned yet, choose “thrust” or “kiss it” (a short taunt to finish your taunt fast and continue killing people without exposing yourself for too long) this medal is use to level up dare devil, you will know that the taunt counted towards the “In Your Face” medal if you have daredevil booster on and the symbol appears in the top right hand corner beside your ammo HUD




Eyes on the Prize Earn 3000 Objective Points - Bronze Trophy


  • Chain Reaction -0 points can be earned in this round


  • Turf War - you will receive a point per second in a captured hill only if you are the only teammate in the hill, if there is more than 1 person in the hill at a time, the points will be split between you, one person will receive points, it might give the other person some points or it might not, it doesn't matter who reaches the hill first, it's random, the points are NOT shared equally, the points to the individual are not the same as the points given to the team meaning you do not have to stand in the hill for your team to get points (which are awarded for the number of hills captured per second), but if you are in the hill you will receive individual points (objective points)


  • King of the Hill - points are awarded per person in a captured hill per second (for example if you have all 5 people from your team in the hill your team will be awarded 5 points per second while you earn 1 point per second)


  • Multi-Marked Man - you are awarded one point for every marked man you kill as an individual, therefore allowing up to 5 points per team (points are not shared, only the person who kills the marked man will get the point)


  • Treasure Hunter - one point is awarded per second of holding the treasure, so only one person will get points at a time, find a room you can defend easily with your teammates (use beast mode to get to enemies fast and melee them with the idol if they enter the room) up to 150 points are available per team if you hold on to the idol for the whole round (points are not shared)


  • Team Deathmatch - one point for every kill in this round (TDM will only show up on the last round of the game, if it makes it that far)




How's That Taste? - Get 50 Fisticuffs Medals - Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – get 3 melee kills


Walkthrough – shoot someone a bit then melee them or go for a stealth kill, which also counts for this medal, or use the wack an’ roll method that BIG2KREW took from the experienced players, this trophy will not take long, you might get it without even trying for it




Looking For Loot  - See the Miscellaneous Co-op Arena Trophy Section



----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Miscellaneous Competitive Trophies Part 2 ** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



6 Trophies - 1 Silver, 5 Bronze 


Blue = Trophy Name


Colonizer – Get 50 Expansionist Medals – Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – capture 5 2 territories in Team Objective


                                  *update medal has been changed from 5 to 2, making it a lot easier to get


Walkthrough – you can capture hills in Chain Reaction, King of the Hill, and Turf War. Chain Reaction would be the easiest to capture territories, have your team capture 1, 2, and 3, and wait at 3 because the other team will capture their 2 or your 4, so you can just keep capturing 3, adding up your captures for an expansionist medal, you can earn more than one expansionist in a game, depending on how many hill objectives you have and how willing your team is to help you get some expansionist medals, this medal is also used to level up deposit (which grants you additional cash from the medals you receive)




Head Crusher - Get 50 Head Hunter Medals – Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – Get 3 headshot kills in any Competitive game


Walkthrough – this medal can be pretty challenging as headshots in uncharted aren’t received easily, try using a dragon or a t-bolt to headshot a stationary target (1 headshot is a kill for both, t-bolt headshot is a little overkill but whatever worksJ) snipers can also shoot enemies head if they are in low cover (aim for their head obviously). if you struggle with the snipers, you can use some of the new head gear that will deal additional damage to enemies heads, like the 3D glasses, use them and aim for their heads, if they don’t notice you, come behind them for an easier target and shoot their head, until the headshot symbol appears beside your kill in the bottom right corner, keep track of those headshots, for 3 of them will earn you 1 Head Hunter medal


Tip From Matthijs_17 - if you are having trouble getting headshots, ask 3 friends to join you in a party for a regular competitive game, except use the cursed idol kickback, throw it on your buddies and ask them to stand still, headshot all 3 of them (easiest with the dragon) and you will get a head hunter medal



Hold the Line - Get 50 None Shall Pass Medals – Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – Get 5 2 kills from within a captured hill


                *update: the medal has been changed from 5 to 2 making the trophy a lot easier to get


Walkthrough – as long as you get a kill that is in a captured hill (kills that are achieved with the hill’s border being blue (colour blindness option on) or green (colour blindness option off)) will count towards this medal, that being said you can get kills from 3 rounds: Turf War, King of the Hill, and Chain Reaction, yes it works in Chain Reaction too: kills that are achieved in a hill that is captured will count (example: if you are in hill 3 and your team is working on capturing hill 4 and you kill someone you will only need 1 more kill to get the medal)

If you are on a good team and the other team isn’t really all that great Smiley Wink, you can lose a round if it isn’t a turf-based round, like Multi-Marked Man or Treasure Hunter (TDM is the last round so you shouldn’t lose that), in order to play another round and hope it will be a turf-based round. There is no doubt that this trophy will be hard, but stick with it, and if your party splits, ask your friend if they want to help you out with a None Shall Pass medal (make sure to return the favour) you shouldn't have a problem with it now




I Think You Dropped This - Get 25 Here, Hold This Medals – Bronze trophy


Medal Description – get a kill with a throw back grenade


Note – after 1.13 you can now get more than one grenade in one game but they are still a little buggy, they will not count sometimes or you’ll get them randomly as a substitute for another medal (example: I have gotten a “here, hold this” medal instead of getting the “hail mary” medal that is should’ve gotten or when I killed 3 enemies with one throw back grenade, I only received one “here, hold this” medal)


Walkthrough from DrakeShepard – The easiest way to get this is using a riot shield. Using a riot shield will guarantee you getting a grenade thrown at you therefore increasing your chances of throwing them back. You don’t have to worry about getting shot at, as you are protected. When a grenade is thrown, wait until you’re prompted to throw it back and aim your camera in the direction of your opponent(s), throw enough grenades back and you’ll get the hang on how to aim them.

Note – another helpful tip is to try to throw back special grenades like a cluster or a mega bomb, which allows you to cover a greater kill radius as opposed to a regular grenade, which might in turn give you a few more additional kills (you can only throw back a grenade once, so the enemies can’t throw it back at you, so don’t worry about hitting it off a roof or wall)




Stealth Master - Get 50 Assassin Medals – Bronze Trophy


Medal Description – get 3 Stealth kills in a game


Walkthrough – try to come behind someone and when the stealth symbol is up, press square for an instant kill, if they are aiming, approach them a little to the left, in order to compensate for their rotating back (you should move on a perpendicular path (90 degrees) to their back not their legs) if they are in cover run perpendicularly towards the cover to get the stealth kill (be careful, waiting for the stealth symbol to show, it might let them know of your presence). This medal can also be achieved in Hunter Arena as well as any Competitive mode (can be used to level up Cloaked). You will know you have achieved a stealth kill if you receive an “oh snap” medal, get 3 of these medals for an “assassin” medal


Trick from Matthijs_17 - an assassin medal can be easily obtained from hunter arena if you do the following: get 2 stealth kills on the AI (computer controlled enemies are really easy to get stealth kill on) while playing as the hero (then resist getting anymore stealth kills until the next round)


once the next round starts, you'll be playing as a hunter, and all you'll have to do is get 1 stealth kill on your opponents to get the infamous assassin medal (the stealth kill from previous rounds carry over), just as easy as that




From All Angles - Get 25 Triple Threat Medals – Silver Trophy


Medal Description – get 3 explosive kills, 3 long gun kills, and 3 pistol kills


Walkthrough – this medal is used to level up weapon expert.  Keep track of your kills by looking for the medals that belong to them, get 3 pistol kills first (because they are probably the hardest to get) and kill until you see the “gunslinger” medal, then if you are comfortable with explosive kills get 3 long gun kills (you will know you have 3 long gun kills if you get the “Commando” medal) now try to get your explosive kills (QuickBoom, Mega Bomb, RPG, Hammer…) any explosive weapon will do, there is no medal for explosive kills unless you are only using grenades (which is the medal “frag em’”) if you aren’t that comfortable with explosives try to get explosive kills whenever you can and keep track of how many you get


Explosive Kills - Any explosive kill counts, from RPG to the M-32 hammer to any kind of grenade or even a propane tank, I advise in using Mega Bomb or Quick boom to get explosive kills easily


Pistols – any pistol kill will accumulate for this medal; try to pick up power weapon pistols like the Mag-5 or the Pistole (shotgun pistol) in order to get easy kills


Long guns – you shouldn’t have a problem in getting long gun kills, just choose your favourite long gun and get 3 kill with it




--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Special Thanks to ** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


  • jroman213 (Co-op Arena / Co-op Adventure / Co-op Hunter Arena / Co-op Shade Survival Experience and Knowledge and Helping Me With Some DLC Trophies)


  • DrakeShepard (Help with the "Shade Survival & Miscellaneous Co-op Arena" Portion of this Guide and Helping Me with the Unyielding Medal on Crushing)


  • Hielke6991 (For Adding His Walkthrough in the "Co-op Arena Crushing - No Lifes Lost" Portion and the "Kill Eddy, Flynn, and Lazarevic in less than 20 SecondsPortion of this Guide)


  • Matthijs_17 (For Adding Some Tips Throughout the Guide)


  • spme-1_2 (For Making the "Co-op Adventure Crushing - No Lives Lost" Portion of this Guide)


  • Eternal21 (For Adding Some Tips in the "Curator Medal on Crushing" Portion of this Guide)


  • Gabriel72430 (For Adding Some Tips in the "Unyielding Medal on Crushing" Portion of this Guide)


  • TechMemphis (For Adding Some Tips in the "Kill Eddy, Flynn, and Lazarevic in less than 20 Seconds" Portion of this Guide)


  • munnsy1 (For Adding His Walkthrough for the Shade Trophies)








there you have it all 50 DLC trophies with some guides thanks to the community here!!! Smiley Happy, if you have something more to contribute (images of co-op power weapons spawns / mini-bosses... (anything that will make it look more appealing), or another helpful tip to a trophy not already listed, or something that i might have missed) please comment below or send me a Private Message on this site (i'll add it and put your name beside your work, like i have with some of the other people that have already contributed to the guide)

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

Aug 9, 2012
Me and a few friends will be getting all these this weekend we already technically completed all the trophies for coop but since its not retroactive Smiley Sad... also the kill within 20the seconds trophy is easy 3to ppl with cluster bombs 1 per enemy throw on top pf them shoot little if necessary but usually doesn't matter as its not needed.
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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

Aug 9, 2012

canadian94eh wrote:

DoomBringer232 wrote:

This. Is. Brilliant.

thanks Smiley Very Happy currently i'm trying to find some images of Monastery and London Underground where the enemies spawn and where the power weapons spawn, if you know where to find them please let me know Smiley Happy

I got nothing. However, I have some advice for trophies. 


For the trophy where you have to pick up 50 three medal pickups, it also works in CoOp, meaning you can get it faster if you play CoOp and constantly pick them up.


Also, for the trophy where you need to finish a CoOp arena on hard without loosing lives, play Village and stay on the roof in the center of the map, and only leave when you have to capture the idol or siege zones appear. Also, when carrying the idol in CoOp, have one person carry it, one person behind them to stop AI from coming from behind, and one person in front of the idol carrier (for obvisous reasons).

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

Aug 9, 2012

The best way to take out armoured RPG guys on Monastery is with a hammer.  It's always just 2 shots, and you don't need to aim so you have a better chance of taking them out before they shoot.  As mentioned before use Wes on light guys.

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

Aug 9, 2012

added guides for hang in there medals and for killing Eddy, Flynn, and Lazarevic in 20 seconds

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

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Aug 9, 2012

I've done the Triumvirate trophy without anyone having any clusters. Something you need to mention is the abundance of power weapons in the areas prior to the three bosses. I went in there with 8 grenade launcher grenades and 12 wes bullets (plus army of 3). My teammates had sniper rifles. It took longer killing the helmet rocket guys in the previous area without consuming the power weapons. But it was worth it.

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

Aug 9, 2012

Flynn Eddy Lazarevic- Have army of 3 and go to the t-bolt one headshot will kill them and 2 torso shots


Unyielding- 2 Protectors and 1 Team Medic

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Re: Trophy Guide (work in progress)

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Aug 9, 2012

WawltBabyLove wrote:

I've done the Triumvirate trophy without anyone having any clusters. Something you need to mention is the abundance of power weapons in the areas prior to the three bosses. I went in there with 8 grenade launcher grenades and 12 wes bullets (plus army of 3). My teammates had sniper rifles. It took longer killing the helmet rocket guys in the previous area without consuming the power weapons. But it was worth it.

i mentioned bringing the hammer, rpgs, and dragons from the previous section if you can, since there are some weapon spawns in the corner where you hide if you run out of ammo

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