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Re: Crushing+

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Dec 14, 2012

Toxic156 wrote:

I can't believe I have yet to post in this thread...anyway, I fully support this idea. 


JD-- wrote:

So, I wanna push it, and make even the true veterans of Co-Op "scared" again. Smiley Very Happy


Well, I can think of an easy way to scare co-op players: remove boosters and KBs! No more quick healing, double damage or Teamsafe'd grenades! 


Kidding, that'd be overkill. The changes listed in the OP should be enough to strike fear into the hearts of co-op players, and Ali's suggestion about Fakehound's suggestion is equally welcome. 

Yeah, boosters and KBs are kind of essential in co-op. Smiley Tongue


But, yeah I wish this mode would be implemented. I just like facing those Kickback Enemies and PAK-80 Brutes. They're the toughest enemies and the most fun to me. Smiley Happy


Thread has run its course. Locking. -space_cape!!

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