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Re: Competitive matchmaking criteria...ND, are you listening?

Mar 9, 2013
@tap No, no, I'm trying to figure out this eBay thing.

I'm just telling duke what the prob is.

Also I'm really hoping I could pick my country next time. :/
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Re: Competitive matchmaking criteria...ND, are you listening?

Mar 12, 2013

Aurelia et al,

Fair and others offer some interesting alternative points.  BTW, thanks to you and those that returned the thread to subject of matchmaking.

I offered KDR as an alternative solution (as opposed to definitive) because I think Rank alone is probably the poorest criteria on which to base competitive matchmaking.  W/L ratio too, I think is skewed.  Quite honestly, I'm much better at coop and have mostly ranked up to compensate and have a fighting chance, I play the team comp modes mostly with 2 or more friends.  My W/L ratio is positive (not my KDR - although it is improving).  It may seem self-serving but I feel in my case, that KDR is more reflective of my actual comp skill level (and of the available stats, I think that holds true generally as well).  The incentive to KDR pad (and create alternative accounts) might be attenuated.  Wouldn't it be great if people just played the game!

For some, it's clear that I've struck a nerve with my KDR suggestion but I still feel that's a better stat than Rank for deathmatch games.  The point about TO and Plunder is well taken though - not sure what stat makes sense for those, if any.  Gives me pause for thought...

Lag in the time for matchmaking?  Perhaps but if KDR is technically feasible and based on my knowledge of programming, it may be an extra database call at the beginning.  After that, the actual matchup times should be similar.

Tryhards?  Maybe more matches against them but isn't that fair in the long run?  And since the tryhards would get matched up against higher skilled opponents, I would think over time they would give it up.  Removes incentive for alternative accounts, I would think.  I don't like playing against tryhards and laggers either but there is NOTHING more satisfying than beating them.  Frustrating to be sure but I'd say that 99 times out of 100 when my friends and I lay a good pasting on tryhards and/or laggers...they leave.  Some heavy lifting for us UC3 diehards but maybe that's the way we clean up the game.

In the end, completely random could work too (from the sheer randomness of it), I'm open to any idea that gets the kill farmers, laggers and tryhards out of competitive and the trolls out of coop!

Lastly, I'm also in general agreement about your attitude vis a vis changing things after the fact but merely hope that some of the considerations brought up on the forums enter ND's consciousness for future game implementations.  As a game enthusiast (electronic and otherwise), it's frustrating to have the rules change midstream.  I think that ND is trying to respond to the community (at the same time as also satisfy their business needs).

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