Apr 06 2012
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Can't get into a online game?

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Since the latest patch from playstation.  I have not been able to join a game at all on the online play.  It didn't work about one out of twenty times before then but now i can't seem to get into a game.  It is super frustrating and i have heard that it could  be because i don't have the slim ps3.  Just want some help so that i can get to playing again.   I don't want to have to buy a new ps3 but right now that is what it is looking like i am going to have to do if i want to keep playing.

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Re: Can't get into a online game?

Aug 12, 2012

What do you mean?  What error message are you getting?  How far into the multiplayer are you able to go?  Are you just experiencing a lot of disconnects while in a match?  Explain more.


I have played this game on and off since launch and have had minimal multiplayer issues, but none of which prohibit me from playing to this day.

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