Feb 04 2012
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Can Anyone please help me with this Issue?

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Hello Everyone,

My name Is Yahya.

I just recently bought a PS3 slim 120GB. The latets firmware that I have is 4.0

Just recently I got my hands on Uncharted: drakes fortune, 

Here is the Issue which I have been boiling and stressting about.

When I start a new game and the intro movie plays, the video becomes choppy and skips or does a 3 frame stutter back n forward.

And to add to this, the sound is also choppy and skips. When I pause and then unpause during the cutscene,

the video freezes on a 2-3 frame continuous loop, while the sound continues playing normally. Which means I have no idea whats going on the

scene anymore :/

I skipped to gameplay to see if it does the same thing, but thankfully gameplay is fine, athough sound gets choppy at times...

Please anyone, help me with this dellima..I refuse to play this game without watching and understanding the story..

I deleted game data and save data, but no effect. I even turned down the PS3 display and audio settings, but also no change.

I tried to see if there is any newer firmware, it says i have the latest one which is 4.0

My game disk is perfectly fine with no scratches. And I gave it to my friend to try it on his PS3, and he says it works fine without all that lagg and choppy-ness.

So has anyone had this issue before? And what is the solution/fix for it?

Is it my PS3? TV? firmware?

Please man...All Your help and advice and GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks for your time,


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Re: Can Anyone please help me with this Issue?

Feb 11, 2012

i have the same problem...

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