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To be fair, I haven't really noticed the jump speed being...

Jun 12, 2011

To be fair, I haven't really noticed the jump speed being reduced, that could very well be in part with me not really playing Uncharted as often, and when I do I'm just tooling around, sitting in some corner, ignoring the entire game idea. Just generally not trying, so not really hopping around, if i decide to switch it on now I usually would just walk around and die. I just don't care for trying at this point. so noticing the difference in jump speeds isn't going to be possible.


I loaded it up earlier, I died about 8 times with no kills, but then again, i wasn't firing at people. I was rolling around for giggles. :smileyhappy:


I notice theres quite a huge delay between roll one and roll two that you can do. Maybe that delay should be taken away, maybe it already has.


All I know is the bunny hop is mightily ugly. and the roll looks so fantastic. (apart from when you go to roll and you end up in death cover)


Of course the roll is a little easier to connect with while aiming at. but thats because the people I see rolling are rolling around in plain view, like me earlier actually! I dived behind a few walls on ice cave though and actually annoyed some people who ended up just running at me with a shotgun :smileyvery-happy: I dunno. I think roll kinda does it's job since if you roll around in plain view your kinda asking to die :smileyhappy:

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