Apr 19 2011
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An idea to kinda save money with the multiplayer

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ok so how many of us bought some skins for Uncharted 2? how many of use would like thoes skins to carry on into number 3? i mean only if you bought them for Uncharted 2, have it like, if you bought them before the release of Infamous 2 then they will carry on into number 3. you cant change them but still, ND would make money because a bunch of people whould buy them, and it would be cool to have them so we did not really waste our money on buying them. i'm sure if ND were to look at sail records since the Anouncment of Uncharted 3, they have probably droped, just a guess. what do you all think? should the Skins from uncharted 2 that were bought before the realse of infamous be in Unchated 3?

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