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Re: An Interview With Eric Monacelli

Sep 18, 2013

Matthijs_17 wrote:

wycliff_12 wrote:

Matthijs_17 wrote:

xxBLiTZKREIGxx wrote:
It's one of the biggest gaming outlets on YouTube. If not the biggest. And Robin is on there every week talking Playstation and ND when appropriate. It's a big audience who basically only play CoD,.BF3 and watch anime. But Robin sneaks in some Uncharted and that's not a bad thing. More eyes, more potential players online for us.and more potential customers for ND. Win win.

I basically disagree with your "random" assessment. If I got an interview with an ND employee, THAT would be random. Robin getting one only makes sense.

explains why I can't stand it...


and he's still just a youtuber, and it's weird that he gets an interview, he's not a journalist, and if Naughty Dog can't even seriously answer 10 questions of their fans in a month, I find it hard to understand why they can give up some of their time to let a youtuber interview them, but whatever, it's good I guess...

So Naughty Dog reaches out to their fans and and tries to communicate with them it's now a problem? Smiley Indifferent

Eric does not answer the Q&A's monthly he simply relays the info back to SweetPoison i'm assuming, after all he's not a developer. So I don't understand why you are slightly annoyed that the PR/Community strategist decided to do an exclusive interview with the biggest UC3 commentator?

well, I'm not really annoyed, I'm more confused, and Eric answers the questions, SweetPoison just posts them, and all the questions Eric answers are most of the time evasive, while he did give some insights in that interview, so what I am wondering, why not take the Q and A a little more seriously, after all this are the playstation forums, and we in this section are the Naughty Dog fans, don't we deserve to be taken seriously, because I don't feel like being taken seriously when questions like 'can haz cheesburger?' are getting answered...

To put this all to bed. I did the interview with Robin because he emailed me, was very professional, and I got approval from the Sony PR team to do it. That's about how it happened. He's a good dude who had some solid questions.


As for the monthly Q&A, SweetPoison does select the initial questions but we then re-read the thread and will include ones we see getting a lot of attention or ones we can answer more accurately. Once selected the questions will go around to QA, designer, sometimes even one of our co-presidents as needed. We answer frankly and as much as we can. 

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Re: An Interview With Eric Monacelli

Sep 26, 2013

wycliff_12 wrote:

Matthijs_17 wrote:

xxBLiTZKREIGxx wrote:
"Anson Dutch YouTuber"??

Ever heard of Machinma? That side is the reason ND is relevant in popular gaming circles.

Props to Robin

I assume you are replying to me?


I know off machinima, and I don't like it, meant for kids under 12 years, at least the language they use make me think that, and I don't see what Naughty Dog has to do with machinima, care to explain?

Robin's videos gets hundreds of thousands of views which is very rare for UC3 videos, plus he has the backing of a popular gaming network Machinma, he may not be a TripleWreck who's all about the competitive side of gaming or about all the technical stuff but he's about  having fun with games which is what's most important and he has a nice relatable personality and he's a huge fan of Naughty Dog like all of us and he's been the face/voice of the UC3 online video community for over a year why wouldn't ND reach out to him and do some fan service?



Thanks a lot! I'm glad you think so Smiley Happy I found this whole topic by accident and I know I'm very late (I am not really active on the forums to be honest), but I just wanna back up what Eric said. I personally contacted him, actually more to see if there would be any chance it would be possible. Fortunately he said that it could be possible so we arranged something and then it happened. I've always been doing Uncharted videos and I always will do (if the series continues), but I've definitely been spreading the focus to a lot of different things now too on my channel. I just wanted to do something special to those people who are big Uncharted fans like me and still hang around on my channel to watch the videos Smiley Happy Glad you liked it! Thanks once again Smiley Happy

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