May 30 2012
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A last update, please Naughty Dog read it

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Hi Uncharted Community and Naughty Dog Company

I've been thinking if there is a possibility of you Naughty Dog deploy a last update to Uncharted 2 to help us players with the following changes.

  1. Increase the cash we earn in both competitive and cooperative modes to 4X
  2. Fix the treasure glitch, which players are able to run with it, it gives a lot of advantage in plunder, kinda unfair
  3. Fix the wall glitch in "The Temple" map, where players just enters the wall and pull us down or just shoot us from nowhere

P.S: I'm not talking about a double cash weekend, in number 1 I'm talking about a permanently change in the cash earning process to 4X, I think it's fair, since we take lots of time to reach Lv.80, increasing the money to this amount, players would have the chance to get a good amount of cash even not using negative boosters, or playing co op mode, for those who enjoy this mode rather than competitive mode of course.

Well, what do you think? Good idea? Please let me know. Thanks for reading

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Re: A last update, please Naughty Dog read it

May 30, 2012

My dream patch would just be:

More health and less hit points.

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Re: A last update, please Naughty Dog read it

Jun 19, 2012

First of all, ND would NEVER RELEASE ANOTHER PATCH IN UNCHARTED 2 AGAIN. And secondly, even if they did increase the cash to x4, it would be very easy for good players, or almost anyone to reach level 80. Sorry you're just going to have to use negative boosters a lot, and be patient when leveling up.

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Re: A last update, please Naughty Dog read it

Sep 24, 2012
Playing for years no point anymore i finlly give up as they wont update, everyone will quit one by one and theyll regret never taking that simple hour to switch the lab back on, which would breathe so much life back into the game.
Give us new ranks! No? Ok. Smiley Sad


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