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Re: Έλληνες Παίκτες

Oct 2, 2013

Matthewsike1st wrote:

canadian94eh wrote:

Nathan_Croft wrote:



why would you be looking for Australian and Greek?



btw, instead of posting your picture on every post you make, you should put it in your signature (so it puts it in there for you) ... here's how you can do that:

It's funny how you post that link at every possible oppurtunity Smiley Tongue

There's also an even simpler way to do it. Post image > HTML > Copy & Paste HTML to signature and voila.

i've only posted that twice recently (to the same person) because it was evident that they didn't read it the first time ... ya you could copy it from a comment on a thread (in the HTML tab, instead of the Rich Text) then paste it in the signature section ...

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