May 20 2012
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Top 5 Kill Uncharted 3 ~ Week #21

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If you have a game that is good enough or special enough to be in.

"" Top 5 Kill "" (send it to the PSN "Uncharted3-video")

And do not forget to include the time of the action of the game (the second minute and watch the action in time down the list in movie mode)

If you sent a video, do not delete it from your online files (files loaded TV),

and make sure you have properly protected in your local files as well,

otherwise I may not be able to download it.

By facilitating Please do not forget to set time for action, and lock the file thank you.

Participants :

- 1er : Ire-Celeste

- 2eme : Laos-_-Man

- 3eme : R3dbull-0408

- 4eme : Amplix

- 5eme : xMagiix-xFrag3r

- Spécial Moment #1 :

- Spécial Moment #2 :

- Song : Daft Punk - "End of Line (Distrix Remix: Reconfigured)"

Thank you for you participation and see you soon.

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