Nov 06 2011
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Help Me Please Naughty Dog! This is for Naughty Dog Only Message!

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HEy my name is Eric Gonzales II


I went to your Event in October at the Meteon Theatre in San Franciscio and won a collectors edition of the game Uncharted 3 for traveling such a long distance from San Antonio Texas. I gave my info to a women as everyone had to that won prizes.

But I have not recieved it in the mail. I dont know if its late or info was lost or something but I need someont to contact me because I can't find a way to contact someone besides here.


I was told someone pays attention to these forms so I hope they get it to the right person to contact me to see what happened. 


 my name is Eric Gonzales II

I have proof of ticket of course that me and my wife went. I also got other proof if needed.

This is a very serious Post


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