Mar 29 2011
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HELP! Charted! - Crushing Trophy not working

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I have been looking for help with this problem for a while now. I would really like to know what someone from Naughty Dog could say about this.


I apologize for the size of this post. I wanted to explain exactly what my situation is so that suggestions from others might be more helpful.


At this point, I have beaten Drake's Fortune twice on the Crushing difficulty setting. I have not been rewarded with a trophy, though.


I have collected every other trophy in the game. In fact, I will say exactly what I've done.


My first playthrough was on the Hard difficulty setting. I used various guides and websites so that I could complete as many trophies as possible on this playthrough. As it turns out, I got most, but not all of the trophies on this playthrough.


Then, when I beat the game on Hard, and was rewarded with the "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard" trophies, I went back to the main title menu. Here, I used Chapter Select and changed the difficulty to Easy, on some stages, so that I could get the remainder of my trophies.


Once I was done doing that, and the only trophy I had left to get was beating the game on Crushing, I made a new game, said yes to the prompt asking if I wanted to copy over my previously earned medals and rewards, and played it through. 


At the very end, I got the in-game "medal" for beating it on Crushing, but I didn't get the trophy. In fact, on the "Bonus" menu that lists my in-game medals, it no longer says hidden medal, but says "Charted! Crushing". Every other medal on this list shows a trophy image, but this one has a trophy on the left with an X underneath it.


I couldn't find anything online or anything on this webpage so far that explains what that is, or why it is there.


Needless to say, I was very disappointed.


So, I just decided to try and beat the game again, from beginning to end, like I did before. I made a new game, and copied the medals from the previous game and spent another 6 hours or so playing it non stop, and yet again, no trophy.


I would like to know exactly what it is that I am doing wrong.


My suspicion is the following: when I was playing through on Crushing the first time, I was manually saving the game, a lot, because I erroneously thought that if I loaded my saved game, that the game would drop me right back into the situation I was in when I saved (i.e.. same ammo w/ desired weapons). I do this a lot when I play other games, when I'm worried about conserving ammo and such. Perhaps I will get to a point in the game where I've really made things difficult for myself and I want to load a previous save from a while back, and see if I can do better and improve my situation from where I got stuck.


I hope that makes some sense, but if it doesn't, please don't get hung up on it. The point I'm trying to make is that I was manually saving the game instead of just depending on it's autosave. Once I got to 10 save files, I overwrote my first one. I have a feeling that this overwriting of my previous savefile in this manner might have done something.


If you, the reader, didn't encounter a problem getting the Crushing trophy, please don't respond to this with a statement like "Well, I didn't have a problem". It doesn't help.


I am thinking of beating it for a third time now, where I say NO to copying over the medals and rewards from before, but I don't understand why that should matter. Ideally, I would like to know exactly what it is that someone in my position should do, so that they don't waste time on a playthrough that doesn't reward them with anything.


Could someone from Naughty Dog respond to this?

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Mar 30, 2011
Ok, not exactly sure what the problem is so I'll just suggest something. Try deleting and reinstalling the game data, then start a new game without copying over medals/rewards, just in case, use only one save file.
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Me Too!

Jun 10, 2011

I just beat the game on Crushing and I did not receive any trophies 

the crushing trophies was my last one for the 100% and I didn't get anything and IM pissed    have you been helped in any way because I really want my trophys.

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Hate to say it but, you might have to delete the data and...

Jun 23, 2011

Hate to say it but, you might have to delete the data and start again.

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Yep, you need delete the saved data and then start over,...

Sep 13, 2011

Yep, you need to delete the saved data and then start over, or mabye change account, but that's no point..........

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im MORE than a little PISSED! have now played this game 7...

Sep 21, 2011
im MORE than a little PISSED! have now played this game 7 times, 3 on crushing! and still no trophy. I got the box set in anticipation of 3 coming out soon and wanted all 100% before playing. **bleep** Naught Dog, this is UNACCEPTABLE! I cant see me getting 3 or any other game from you guys until there is a FAIR patch,(like replaying chapter 22 ONLY)
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that has happened to me too

Oct 6, 2011

that has happened to me too! :-S     . and i honestly am NOT in the mood to delete my game-file from the "Game Files" PS3-folder and then reinstall the game into the PS3 and then start all over again from zero/scratch. i went through HELL trying to play this game, and trying to finish it (i did something similar to you: first i played it in "Easy", and then i selected the "Play (which is the first option in the main menu, after you beat the game) and selected the "Hard" difficulty setting, and played it in "Hard", thereby unlocking me "Crushing", and i just FINISHED the last level, "Showdown", in the "Crushing" difficulty level (i had to stop playing and save the game where i was -- in the "Sanctuary?" level, and go to sleep. and then today at about 10AM CST i turned on my PS3, went to the main menu for "Uncharted", and started playing again where i left off -- i just selected "Chapter Select", went to "Sanctuary?", selected "Crushing" as the difficulty level, and kept playing) . and no "bing!", no in-game "medal" and no ps3-trophy! (this would have been my last one for "Uncharted" too. i already got all the other ones, so this one would have been my final one to get the Platinum).


i really don't want to go through that hell again. Naughty Dog, can you PLEASE figure out a BETTER solution for all of us that have worked so freaking hard to go through this game fair and square and just want to get the "Crushing" medal and trophy and the "Platinum" trophy like we so respectfully deserve?

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Lol happened to me b4 it's easy just take cover.... roll...

Oct 27, 2011

Lol happened to me b4 it's easy just take cover.... roll shoot shoot, take cover!

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This also happened to me...

Nov 13, 2011

I just finished the game on Crushing and notice the first chapter was done on hard, so i went back finished it on crushing saved over my completed game and still no trophy. If i go to campaign and select chapters all of them say completed on crushing. So I should get the trophy this is my 3rd time through I'm not a happy camper and Naughty Dog should fix this. Uncharted 2 i'm sure worked like this.


 Please...Patch guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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(holds hand to face)

Nov 25, 2011

you must start a NEW saved game and beet the game on crushing. not level by level, not manualy re loading etc, from start to finish <- in crushing 

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