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Re: Uncharted 4 wishlist.

Jan 10, 2014

Uncharted 2.5


2 = Character & weapon mechanic from U2

0.5 = a fixed sprint, nade throwback as a booster, tap a nade move

U3´s COD syndrom fixlist: Nerf Gmal damage&scope INSTEAD OF RECOIL, Remove all ROF & Quickboom, Remove grenade throwback and replace it with a Slot 2 booster, Move Bargain to Slot 1, Nerf the enterly OP hipfire, INSTEAD OF DESTROYNG UNCHACHARTEDS FLUIDITY!
Nerf the sprint to 2sec/recovery to 5sec, Nerf T-Bolt KB to 12 medals,
NO stopping power effect while ADS, make FF usefull again (pain wobble is ENOUGH!), FIX delay on grenade throw, FIX shooting delay while hanging, FIX the cover system, its inferiour than in U2, FIX the Pull-down camera(U2>U3), FIX map rotation, FIX the reticles on ALL weapons( U2>U3), FIX overall weapon handling(U2>U3), FIX U3 lame COD corridor/hotspot map design(U2>U3), Add an only-party playlist for partys above 2 players OR Change U2 back to the original 1.04 setting.
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