May 06 2014
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Uncharted 3 - "In Honor" an Uncharted 3 Team Tournament - Hosted by UMG / Prizing by Naughty Dog

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Uncharted 3 - "In Honor" an Uncharted 3 Team Tournament
Hosted by UMG / Prizing by Naughty Dog
Starting Friday, May 23rd, UMG Online will be hosting an Uncharted 3 team tournament as a follow up to Naughty Dog's support of Operation Supply Drop and the "3rd Annual 8-Bit Salute" on May 17th & 18th. 
The tournament sign up page is linked below and will close once the maximum of 32 teams is met. Round 1 matches begin at 12pm EST Friday, May 23rd. The following information is basic format and rules:
Sign-up page: "In Honor"
  • 32 Team Tournament
  • Team Size: 4v4
  • Rule set: UMG UCL Rulset [TDM/Plunder/Team Objective]
  • Rounds played during weekend (Friday to Sunday)
  • Prizing provided by Naughty Dog
  • Starts May 23rd
Signing Up Your Teams:
  1. Create an account on UMG (each player is required to provide an account)
  2. Create a team under the assigned tournament, at the provided link above
  3. Leader assigns players to their team and each team member must provide his PSN id under his UMG Profile
  4.  To ensure all players are eligible, visit your team page (example) and make sure all players are "green lit"
  5. Any additional questions, please contact @barryhains @sQuiiDx or @GeckooGuy on here or on UMG
Please visit the UC3 Ladder page linked above to read basic site rules and UC3 related regulations prior to the event. By signing up for the "In Honor" tournament, you agree to all UMG regulations and policies.
Disclaimer:  “Sony Computer Entertainment American LLC and Naughty Dog, Inc. are not responsible for nor are sponsors of this Promotion.
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