Nov 13 2013
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Uncharted 3 Multiplayer is finished for me

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Okay lets see.....I bought U3 at launch and even got the Collector's edition...I've even played all the betas that lead up to launch (initial beta, subway, etc.). And for the first time ever in two years I've decided to fix this little error I had (Failed syncing levels, cannot find config file, etc.) so I deleted the install data (Only the install not the DLC file or single player saves) and installed it again only to have the same problem and unable to log into multiplayer. I looked up some ways to login even with the problems I was having.....Only to log in and see U3 welcome me in like I was new to the game (I'm like whatever, means nothing) and then I saw my rank was restarted to LEVEL 1 from 5th LEGACY!!!All my data GONE! (DLC, Maps, Characters, and even the tickets I bought for tournament, and I want my money back BTW since I can't use my tickets!) Of course I hit the panic button and restarted my PS3....Only to log in again to see that giant green 1 a second time Smiley Sad After a couple of days I sucked it up like the gamer I am and was gonna game on and get my rank back! I reached level 18 and decided to come back after I've played Call of Duty Ghosts. Of course CoD:G didn't live up to my U3 expectations and fun, I thought of going back to U3. And only to log in to see that F***ing giant green 1 a third time!!!!! **bleep**! I'm sick of seeing that 1! WHY IS MY GAME STATS RESETTING?! (This time I didn't touch anything, I didn't delete anything...I did nothing) If this keeps up, I'm gonna break my game disc in half! Please someone tell me why this is happening? I even found out I'm not the only one that this happened to.

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