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Re: Treasure System and Tournament System

Oct 3, 2012
Honestly I don't care about Tournament. Now treasure systems, it definitely needs a fix in 3TDM.
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Re: Treasure System and Tournament System

Oct 4, 2012

Toxic156 wrote:

lab_meister wrote:

This post is long and elaborate so please, bear with me.


The treasure system and tournament system in this game are flawed and need to be fixed.


Re-read it if you need to, it's a highly complicated arguement that may take a bit of time to understand.

Damnit, man- why did you have to make the post so lenghty? Also, have you never heard of line breaks? I gotta go take an asprin and lie down...the migrane's killing me.



Even though you may have written a novel, I still agree with you. 

Sorry I'll try to re-edit it and make it a bit easier on the eyes.  At the moment I'm having a hard time seperating my keypoints.

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