Mar 16 2013
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This wil be my last Naughty Dog Game. It is so broken. *spoliers*

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Ever since the 1.17 patch dropped, I have had nothing but issues.


1) The infinate spinning ring.

2)When Nate gets shot with the dart in the market, I ran around for 20 minutes, and after a youtube video I realized a voice over wasn't loading. LOVELY!

3) Now my save game is getting the infinate spinning ring.

4) All of this is causing my system to restart when I shut the game down...THIS WAS A BUG DURING THE BETA!!!


I love this series, but I feel like my fiance bought me a broken game. I'm worried all this is wrecking my system.


I cannot believe this company has become this arrogant! Why release 1.17 if it is so broken? Why are there still bugs from the beta? Why can the infinate ring bug not be fixed?


Was looking forward to Last of Us. But I'll be passing. A year in, and Uncharted 3 is broken? Doesn't bode well.

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Re: This wil be my last Naughty Dog Game. It is so broken. *spoliers*

Mar 20, 2013

Wow? No reply Naughty Dog? Really? What a bunch of cowards. You've lost a fan.

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