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Re: The Statistics Behind Our Frustration

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Aug 24, 2012

It's possible, but I doubt it.  A supposition at best. 


Now the part that makes sense is Sony having a BIG HAND in how NDI has behaved since "PSN DOWN."  In the time frame from PSN DOWN to now NDI has taken on a MORE corporate air.  Prior to PSN down, NDI freely communicated with it's customers on the ND Forums (before PSN Forums move) via frequent Blog Posts and by directly posting in threads.   Since moving to these forums it's been "HANDS OFF" and you have see a deteriorating communication from NDI. 


The behavior is VERY CORPORATE.  Coporate decisions that are about making cash more than providing what the playerbase wants. 


NDI/SONY screwed this title up Royaly, from the beginning, when they decided to develop 2 games at once, and did not have to balls to push this title back and make it better BEFORE retail release.  I said it AS SOON as I saw the Subway Beta:  "NDI will  develop this game via patches and live updates" (as opposed to developing it properly BEFORE retail release), and they did. 


Now, has the work post retail release been good?  Yes, for the most part.  Cog182 and his team deserve alot of credit for MASSIVELY improving the MP. 


I hope this second time around NDI takes note, and puts things into action after having seen the consequences of a rushed title.  I'd like to see NDI eschew making two titles at once.  I think it was a horrible mistake and money grab effort.  We thought NDI would learn and improve on things from UC2, but they did not.  I hope the next time around they step back and make more reasonable, common sense decisions.  Simplify the game.  All the bells and whistle of this game, like 3D, split screen, facebook and youtube integration were nice ideas, but I'd rather have a simpler version of the game that works and is balanced and has a more level playing field. 

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