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Re: SUPPORT Playstation 4

May 29, 2013

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Didn't they say it was up to the developers? on the used games thing. Then a petition went out for against it, and the guys in sony heard it and whatnot.


I mean it really does seem they are leaning waaaay toward no DRM, but it isn't a 100% guranteed thing yet.

I heard that too, and now that I think of it, Sony has no choice, they have to accept that some publishers (*cough* EA *cough*) wants used games to be blocked, and while I am sure the PS4 will not block used games, it will not stop publishers from blocking used games either.


What I mean with that, is that for instance publishers can choose to make an online pass for 60$ that comes with each new copy of the game, and you have to go online and download that online pass before you can play the game, Sony can't stop them from doing that, and even if they could, then that would mean that all EA games would be xbox one exclusives.


But it's not as bad as it sounds, not all publishers are money grabbing idiots, I think only EA and maybe Activision will go that route, but all ps4 exclusives will not be blocked for certain, and I don't think Ubisoft will do that either, but it's still speculation, we will have to wait until E3 and then I hope we will know all about it...

Publishers won't want to lose 50% of their sales, no way will they join Microsoft just because Sony might not have DRM. 

Not only that but shareholders wouldn't allow them to ignore the Playstation base which EA titles sell better on.

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Re: SUPPORT Playstation 4

May 29, 2013

Hi all,


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