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Remembering Uncharted Series

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Hello, I hope everyone is doing well in this once very populous community. Anyways, since these forums section seems to have died down and I see threads about the next uncharted game ; It seems only appropriate for me to post the uncharted series I am working on to share experiences of the game from certain perspectives.


It is understandable if you cannot relate to it but, I am sure a thing or two can be learned from this tutorial-esque (multiplayer related) series. The series is both casual and hardcore player friendly,  P.S. The series will eventually build up to uncharted 3 and the next one that comes out, please bare in mind that a regular tutorial would have been too plain and boring; enjoy :


To those who might be interested,


Despite the uncharted series current state (emphasis on Uncharted 2) of negligence, it is still a nice game series to get on and play for an hour or a few more; however, the original experience of when it was the go to multiplayer for all uncharted fans / players is probably forever lost.


So what is the point of my post? 


Sometimes all we are left with are memories that are usually not vivid enough; I have compiled and edited uncharted cinemas from the past which consist of all levels of play from top gameplay to inexperienced gameplay. I am not here for views; I am here to share with new comers to the uncharted multiplayer what the uncharted games were like in their glory days. This series will provide current players with some insight to how the games were originally played, old players a sense of nostalgia and entice potential uncharted multiplayer prospects to purchase and play their game(s) of choice. Note: This series will eventually include uncharted 3 gameplay:




Please: watch on YouTube at 720p  for  full quality, these videos in their entirety  adhere to YouTube community guidelines.



Experience how uncharted's multiplayers really were through the perspective of several notable players with massive experience; watch as they progressed from start to finish/ watch some fantastic gameplay(s). This series will eventually include uncharted 3 gameplay:



Please: watch on YouTube at 720p for full quality, these videos in their entirety adhere to YouTube community guidelines.


Remembering Uncharted episode 1.



Remembering Uncharted Episode 2.



Remembering Uncharted Episode 3: coming soon.

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Re: Remembering Uncharted Series

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