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Re: Problems for late joining & Solutions of late joining

Jan 14, 2013

tts42572 wrote:

My solution for fixing late join in the team modes....


If you join late, you can only get a win in the game.....No matter what happens though, you don't get a loss.


I mean, seems like 80% of the time I get involved in a late join game, I end up joining on a team that is losing....Probably because people have quit because they're losing.....


Anyways, I'd have no problem with it it if I could only get a win froim this situation if I help bring our team back to win.  But I shouldn't get penalized with a loss that I probably had little to do with.


I doubt you'd have as many complaints in that case.  People hate late join because they wind up with cheap losses.



addin' yo' idea. 

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