Jul 15 2012
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Plunder Lab query

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Played the new Lab Plunder yesterday for the first time and now am TOTALLY baffled by it.


Firstly, I never played Plunder on U3 because of the K/D farming thing you guys talked of...Did not want to be wrecking my stats trying to complete objective while every other player 'milked' me like a noob. Anyway, ND fixed that by removing kills from K/D but I still never bothered with it.


Guess son and I hooked up for maybe 6 games (-I was wary at first and kept checking my K/D to make sure it wasn't changing between games!). Anyway, the point of my query is why we were able to win each game (-apart from the first) we won 5-0 or 5-1 with virtually EVERYONE in the game seemingly interested in finding good places to get sniper kills from rather than bothering about the objective. 


For the last 4 games we had a teammate with many Plunder points to his name but (-good as he was) even he seemed largely interested in the killing rather than the treasure... EVEN when the treasure was right next to the chest and  next to him. 


We even had players taunting us after killing us as if they had done something great seemingly not realising the pointlessness of their efforts. 


What am I missing??? Can ANYONE explain why people play Plunder this way? Do people still think they are improving their K/D?..... Are people REALLY that stupid?


As a footnote, it was fun, and I'm even getting better with a T Bolt but it would have been more fun if people had an idea how to play it.



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Re: Plunder Lab query

Jul 15, 2012
Trolls be Trolling
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