Aug 25 2012
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Map Chateau won't load

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Chateau will not at all load! When in multiplayer matches, the characters standing in the lobby screen stop animating as well as the music stop playing when the counter reaches 1 staying there.. Those in my party are in spinning ring intill I leave by turning off the ps3 and gaining a lost in my statistics, but  the game starts for them. When I go to custom play to start the map Chateau it will not load. It will stop at 92% and won't load. When I go to cinema to watch a video of a match taken in Chateau it will also stay in the spinning ring then freeze. Not even able to load that **bleep** map in cinema.


This is only happening to this map, Chateau. Every other map is fine, but that one.Woman Mad

This problem began Aug. Tuesday 21st and still going.

Never had I come across this problem in UC3 before intill now.

Any ideas?

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Re: Map Chateau won't load

Nov 14, 2012
Hi I have the same problem with Lndon Underground I've even tried a different disk, different psn account and even I braught a new playstation still the problem occurs
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