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Re: Harlem Shake UC3 Style

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Feb 21, 2013

A friend of mine showed me this particular Harlem Shake video the other day (I thought it was pretty neat):


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Re: Harlem Shake UC3 Style

Feb 21, 2013

I-Like-Pie45 wrote:

Renegade_angel95 wrote:

I-Like-Pie45 wrote:

I say the Harlem Shake with or without Uncharted is still a piece of *bleep* while another *bleep* takes the *bleep* before and *bleep* on it. And what I say is the truth.


Because I have the most BAMF avatar out of us all. Unless a Harlem Shaker who somehow has a cooler avatar than mine will come out in support of the HS, I say we can all conclude that this *bleep* internet meme will be gone quicker  than a rash of 90s boy bands.

Question: Do you play Team Fortress 2? I saw a player with a VERY similar name with only a few differences to yours.

I play a variant of Team Fortress 2.

It is called Uncharted 3.

That was a serious question. :c


But if that was a serious reply, then lol. Variant? TF2 is balanced, team oriented and encourages team play, and made by Valve, one of the most fair developers out there. Not to mention dedicated servers. Smiley Tongue If by variant you mean exact opposite, then okay. Smiley Wink

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