Feb 22 2012
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Dual PSN login not working?

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I have no idea if it's a result of the recent patch or not, as I've only just gotten the game, but I can't get the dual login to work in the offline coop.

Since the default guest feature doesn't allow you to save progress for the second player, it's pretty worthless, so I was hoping this much-hyped dual login feature would be...functional?

I can't find much info on it except threads from last year talking about how it didn't work early on, but patch notes say it should be working properly since then. I found a thread explaining the process, which was basically just "click on splitscreen, then choose to log in second account" but I'm never given the option when choosing splitscreen, it just automatically loads up the default AccountName and AccountName(1) setup which is apparently broken by design. Am I missing some essential step? I have mutliple user accounts on my ps3 with functioning and seperate psn accounts, and I can dual log in LBP without any problems at all. But Uncharted 3 never gives me the option.

So yeah, I click on splitscreen, and it logs the second player as a guest without ever giving me the option to use an account, thus taking all the fun out of co-op. Has the dual login feature been disabled again with a new patch, am I missing something? If anyone is having this problem, or if no one is, comments and suggestions would be apprecciated. The game is a lot of fun so far, but coop is broken without this feature. Thanks.

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