Jan 13 2014
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Custom games fun! :D

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I had this wonderful idea!


I would like to host some custom fun. For example some custom weapon games.

I need to gather some people and make up a time.


I was also thinking to have some easy place to post a list of the matches I'm hosting or even better, spread information about custom games that are in the right setups and schedules for you!


Only a few problems: The people and the place to post the list.

If you have any place I could place a easily findable post, please let me know.

I had this idea: If people who wanted to join and doesn't actively use the forums, they could add the post to their favourites on a browser and find it easily!


So if you want to join add me PSN: Termoinaattor

Any ideas, questions, anything: please reply on this post!




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