Nov 20 2012
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Co-op tournemant interview ''UPDATED WITH SLEAZE_IT_UP''

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- Prior to the event, I was not sure if I wanted to participate.   The IDEA of a Co-Op tournament sounded interesting, but I was not sure I would have the time to do it, and I was a little nervous about going up against stellar players like JD-- and Alluboy, knowing and understanding their place in the UC3 Co-Op community.  At some point I decided that I wanted to support it and wanted to participate.  Okay.  Hell.  I admit it.  It was PEER PRESSURE.  When I first read the rules about Desert Dash, I was excited.  In public Co-Op matches, it is not often that you come across players who actually WANT AND ENJOY moving the idol.  This particular aspect of the first event was interesting because the emphasis was on Idol movement and control, as opposed to just killing in an effort to maximize points and total kills.   I love the fact that the challenge emphasized focusing on the objective at hand and that killing had to be a choice.  That killing was a necessity, not a desire. 




I was EXTREMELY nervous about this challenge.  Mostly I expected to do okay, but I understood that we were playing on Crushing, and if one knows this, one knows that there are several things that can go wrong, and bad luck can play a huge factor in how well one does.  In my mind, the goal was to sink 2 treasures as quickly as possible and I knew I would use the alley to move the idol to the tall tower and then down to the box.  I have ran this route about 1 million times in public matches and was VERY FARMILIAR with moving the idol on my own, and scoring it.   When I jumped from the tower, I knew I was in trouble.  Normally, NPCs will hover under the covered section, out near the hammer spawn, or at the corner of the covered section, between the chest and the hammer spawn area.  When I jumped, after throwing the idol down to the chest, an NPC moved under me from left to right.  That normally NEVER happens.  When he moved and I was mid-air, I knew I was in deep trouble.  I addressed him first with the hammer, which was a mistake.  At that point, I had to make a choice, engage the NPCs behind me, or score and get at least some points for this challenge.   I chose to pick up the idol and score, and I'm glad I did.  I knew, as soon as I sunk the idol, that I was in big trouble, and would not be making it out of there. 




As soon as my challenge ended, I was convinced that I had EASILY done the WORST of all the conestants.  I was crestfallen, I was not happy.   When I discovered I came in second, I was flabergasted.  How the hell did I come in 2nd?  Of course, via luck, or rather some bad luck, I somehow ended up in there.  This was quite a shocker for me, as I expected to be near the bottom of the pack. 




I thought event # 1 was extremely interesting, challenging, and exciting.   It was oragaized and ran smoothly. 




I thought the rules going into the event were solid and easily understood.  The event was organized and ran smoothly, due to Ali being a great host/referee.  The event was very well planned out, and going into the challenge, it was up to the player to develop their strategy.  I really enjoyed getting the info on the challenge and trying to formulate what my plan would be in order to do my best.  It requires a heavy amount of analysis in order to develop a sound plan to complete the challenge and maximize one's points.   Bottom line:  It was REALLY fun. 




There is not much to put into this category, if anything.  I think event # 1 was excellent, despite the Host and the players having to do alot of set up to get the challenge started.  Another  thing that I might put into this category is the lack of the use of Beast Mode Gold, for this challenge.  The complete stripping of all gun Mods, Boosters, and Kickbacks was an interesting choice, and I understood why it was organized that way.  For future GOLD RUSH DASHES (GRD), I think Beast Mode Gold should be required.  No slot two booster, kickback, or mods, still, but Beast Mode Gold a necessity.  The reason I say this is because UC3, comparted to UC2, is a very fast paced game.  Why not keep that theme by allowing contestant to use Beast Mode Gold in a effort to see more contestants sink the first treasure and have a real shot at sinking the 2nd one?  That way the contest will be about time, not how far one can get. 


The only other thing that I would mention here is that fact that events in this tournament are "ONE AND DONE."  You've got a single chance to get it right, do the best you can, and maximize points.  Due to the fact that we are playing on crushing, I think players should be given a single "Mulligan," a single chance to repeat the challenge if a player has a poor performance or has some bad luck, or players should have the ability to try to improve on a completed, two treasures sink run.  Essentially, getting a chance to top themselves.  This being said, I undertand why Ali set it up the way he did.  Currently this a true challenge for VETERAN Co-op'ers.  A "second chance" type of set up might be more appropriate for an "OPEN" even [Think like U.S. Open Tennis Grand Slam].  It would help appeal to more people that may not think they have the skill to get this done. 



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