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Re: Uncharted 2 is still alive online..

Sep 24, 2012
They need to update U2, it willl always be users first game love abd choicw, they could atleast leave x2 cash on for a while, or switch the lab back on to let hundreds of thousand know that they still care enough to take an hour or two to help us all out, id say start a campaign for change but i and many others have asked for months on many websites including here and never got a single reply ever! Smiley Sad PLEASE ND for those of us who dont play u3 as much as 2, update U2 or switch the lab back on PLEASE. @eric-nd and @arne guys help your years long loyal players out, I have all DLCS of both games and wouldnt mind more U2 DLCs or for the U2 to get altered and improved!
Give us new ranks! No? Ok. Smiley Sad


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