Feb 25 2013
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Road to Shambala: Next video choosing not to load.....

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Yay... next one to work through...  Right at the very beginning of Road to Shambala the video freezes.  Next lines of dialogue that should come up below... only the first line of "Here it is Elena.  The secret entrance to Shambala."  I really hope the Uncharted 3 is not the same as this experience.   I don't know that I really want to finish this game.


Nathan: Here it is Elena. The secret entrance to Shambhala.

Elena: Nate?

Nathan: Yeah.

Elena: Don't see it.

Nathan: Neither do I.

Elena: (sigh) If I have to climb another wall...

Nathan: Keep looking around. There has to be a clue somewhere.

Elena: Are you sure this is it?

Nathan: It has to be. We're missing something.

Nathan turns the dagger objects on the wall facing downward. The hands holding
the blue orb rise up a little.
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