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Aug 27 2012
By: JamesBlessonS Lombax Warrior 131 posts


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Hi guys I was in Middle East where I had an Middle Eastern account then I moved to Canada where I created a Canadian account for using PSN Cards from there which are not valid in my other account. When I played UC2 Multiplayer from scratch in the Canadian account. I did like REALLY WELL. Dominating most of the time but when I went to my Middle Eastern account (where i am lvl 48) I was terrible I just had a match 1kill -11 deaths :smileysad: , Is it because I'm in Canada and am experiancing lag because its searching games from Middle East or is it because in the Middle Eastern account I'm like level 48 so am matched with more experienced players. I am not sure because even when playing in the Canadian account I am matched with very higher level guys. Please reply asap.

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