Apr 21 2010
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Cool Ideas and Great Ideas!

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  • Stealth: When you're walking slowly you should have that stealth mode movement which also  allows you to have silent steps and jumps.


  • Slide n' Hide: This booster makes your character slide extremely fast across the thing it's jumping over (like a crate) to have a quicker and safer hide. Also makes you jump longer and faster even when jumping ledges.
  • Running Man: This booster makes you run a tad bit faster.


  • Close Call: kill a enemy when you are about to die.
  • Trigger Happy: Kill over 40 enemies in one match.
  • Bring it On: KIll 10 enemies with the GAU.
  • Brick Wall: Have another person completely destroy your shield with out dying.
  • Slow and Steady: Move with the Riot Shield for 30 seconds straight.
  • Human Shield: Get almost dead shield 10 times in a game.
  • MVP: Get the most money in the match.
  • Survivalist: Get the least deaths in the match.
  • Slaughterer: Get the most kills in one match.
  • Running Back: Capture all of the treasures on your team in the match.
  • Mega KIll: Get 5 kills in row with no more than 3 1/2 seconds between each kill.(Not counting Grenades)
  • Shotgun Master: Get 10 kills in one match with the shotgun.
  • Superstar: Get 20 different awards in one match.
  • Tactition: Get 6 kills from a higher ground than the person you killed in one life.
  • Bring it On: Kill 5 people who are in scope mode with the Sniper Rifle in one match.
  • I Got Your Back: Get 15 assists in one mathc.
  • Jack of All Trades: Get 3 kills each with the pistol, grenade, AK-47, FAL, or any type of shotgun.
  • I Kissed My Sweetie With My Fist: Get 15 melee kills in one match.
  • Don't Need No Fancy Weapons: Get 20 kills with the pistol in one match.


  • That's Sir to You: Reach level 60 in multiplayer.


  • Wes 44 Revolver: Basicly the same thing as the Desert 5 but just replaces it in maps like The Lost City, The Fort, Highrise, and The Facility.
  • Crossbow: Replaces the dragonsniper in levels like The Lost City, The Temple ( even though it doesn't consist of a sniper rifle), and The Flooded Ruins.
  • P08-9mm: Replaces the pistol (you spawn with and surrounding areas) in The Ice Cave, and The Train Wreck.
  • MP40: Replaces the M4 in The Ice Cave, and The Train Wreck.
  • Tranquilizer Dart Gun: Replaces the Desert 5 in The Museum, but only contains 4 bullets that will kill you.

These weapons that I put in will make matches more interesting than before.And yes i read that thing about balnced weapons.


  • Winter Sully
  • Heist Chloe
  • U2 Sully
  • Goldzor
  • Bronzor (might as well with Skelzor, Glowzor, and Platzor.)



  • Borneo Jungle


  • Co-Op Arena/ Zombie Mode: In this mode you fight10 waves of spaniards who keep getting fiercer and fiercer.
  • Co-op Arena/ 2+2 Siege: In this mode 2 people are on one side protecting another area and the other 2 people are doing the same thing but on another area. Both 2 person teams have to complete before going to the next round. If the 1st is complete and the 2nd is still going the 1st can help out by killing enemies, but there is no purpose in being in the circle unless you want to. The 2 teams will have different color areas and names.
  • Co-op Arena/ 2+2 Gold Rush: Same Idea as 2+2 Siege but in Gold Rush standards.
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