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Nov 19 2011
By: stefz-br First Son 1 posts

Chapter restart - Very Easy x Crushing

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I just started a game from the beginning in crushing mode and trying to collect all treasures during this playthrough.

In chapter4 (The Dig), I missed one treasure and went to the next chapter. Then, I restarted chapter 4 in Very Easy mode using "chapter select" from the main menu and got the missing treasure, but I finished the chapter and now when I choose chapter select it shows "Finished in Very Easy" instead of "Finished in Crushing".

It's ok, I restarted the chapter 4 in crushing mode and finished it, so now it shows "Finished in Crushing mode" again. Nice. All 4 initial chapters now are showing "Finished in Crushing mode", and I'll continue my playthrough until the end.

Question is: At the end, will I get my "Charted - Crushing" trophy? Is there will be any problem because I finished a chapter in Very Easy mode and then finished it again in crushing?

The same save slot  has been used from the beginning.

Thanks in advance!
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Yes. :)

Nov 20, 2011


stefz-br wrote:

At the end, will I get my "Charted - Crushing" trophy?

Yes. :smileyhappy:


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